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  1. I'd say I stress out at times. 1) Define "as hard as you possibly can" 2) No. "Direct" puppeting is something I really dislike. But I do play a song and have them sing it, and there's probably some puppeting involved, but I like to think it helps.
  2. So I'm back here after a very long time so excuse me if I don't know what's what around here anymore. Anyway, I'm stuck. We are stuck. Me and my tuppers I mean. Simply put, my tuppers just can't get fluent. Heck, they can't talk at times. Just mumble or say one word. There are times where I can talk to them, even with their level of fluency, having simple conversations and whatnot and this can last for days. And then there's days where I can bearly hear them. Those are the most common. Shure, it's a common problem this. But I'm nearing the one year mark from the first day I've started forcing. I'm lost, stuck, and all that. I feel like I need an update, a step by step guide from the comunity to get us back on track. Can you help us?
  3. A) You are confusing your self B) You are confusing her By thinking you did something wrong, she might be thinking the same. Just chill for some time, even if it means taking the whole day off, and in the end, everything will be better.
  4. One of the worst things you could do is fear parroting. That's just dumb, and I would know, I wasted 2 months on fearing it. Anyway, me and my tulpa made a plan for this, it's quite simple. Agree that, if you parrot a response, your tupper will act like he/she/it said it. Example: Host: "Hey tulpa, do you want a bannana?" Host parroting a tulpa: "Shure!" *Tulpa eats the bannana with joy, even if it wanted a fucking orange* Ofc, be a bit carefull when asking /some/ questions. I suggest that, for the first few days (if you are really unshure in who said what), keep the conversations simple. But yeah, if you parrot some responces, its better to give credit to your tulpa, then to doubt in it. Once you let go of the fear of parroting, it will be far more easyer to detect what you parroted and what your tulpa said. And isn't that much better then to waste X number of days on fearing and paranoia? Edit: Do keep in mind that, sometimes you might parrot or have an intrusive thought where your tulpa basically hates your guts. Here is where you consider that you might be parroting. Unless it's in your tuppers nature to do that. Then you don't.
  5. A: Nope, they are too darn fun. Q: Is your tupper a evil succubus, but at the same time all cute and loving?
  6. Hannibal


    What about he outfits? You didnt talk about those =3
  7. Also, I "DAAWWWW-ed". Hard.
  8. More or less the same thing with me. It is very funny to think that all of this is what I stick to the most and think about throughout the day. Very funny indeed...
  9. Making poisons. Just kidding. Making pills Hate it with all my guts. The only good thing in my life right now is my tupper. Everything else went to shit. Finding "mental" balance... Peace of mind... Whatever... And the bad spelling? Welp, I was in a rush. I mean, I woke up, drank coffie, forced, eaten, made lunch for later, made this thread, than rushed to work.
  10. Funny enough I started working on my tulpa right as I got a new job. The funny part is that before the job I was unemployed for a year and a half. But fudge it I said, I want a tupper and damn it, I will get me one! So I jumped in without considering the following: A) The job preatty much wears me out compleatly. Its in shifts, I work on machines that one must take extra precaution when dealing with them, have to do jump quickly from precision testing of the product to hard lifting and doing checks of alot of things in between. B) I cant deal with stress good. If one were to make a mistake here, it would be costly. Very costly. So you can imagine how one would act when suddenly there is a short time limit to do something that has little expirience in. C) Restless mind. I can more or less concentrate when Im rested, but thats not the case lately. Im tierd, worn out and my body has gone a complete transformation that I thought it would not be possible in a month. I have weaken greatly both in mind and body. Im curently doing visualisation with what I think is a sentient tupper. After a little show she did 2 days ago, Im certain more than ever. Still have reasonable doubts. See, my restless and quite tired mind keeps me from focusing on my tulpa and because of it I really cant tell what my tulpa is going through. Now that you more or less know what Im going through, my question is this. What would you do? Quit the job? Oh god yes, that would be perfect... But I cant. I owe some people money. No, not some loan sharks or anything like that, just some people have took care of me when I had nothing, so I feel that I owe em alot. So no quitting jobs for at least 2 more months. Meditate? Maybe. But I need to start with something like "Meditation for retards" and preatty much do alot of it before I can do them properly. But what do I do in between? I mean, I cant just not do forcing until I train my self to have a calm mind. Shure I narrate throughout the day, but I cant leave my tupper hanging like that. So what do I do?
  11. >friend-zoned by a tulpa