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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ny_JpAWXmek
  2. I like your progress reports. It's quite late, just about to go to sleep after a bit of a long day, and I'm sure I've read something about something.. Can't find it anymore. Tomorrow perhaps. This here image shows a bit of how your brain thoughts function when experiencing anything. I didn't have the space to draw lines from everything, but I hope it's clear enough. It's basically a reason why a person who can only speak/read English isn't able to fully grasp philosophical books such as Kant's work. Maybe tomorrow I can edit this post to actually let you know what I'm replying to. Hehe. I like how you like your tulpa so much.
  3. It's been tried a couple of times, I'm sure, but everyone tulpaforces differently. Completely blocking an option at such an early stadium isn't a good idea, because it may turn out differently for someone else or through other ways. If it works out for someone else, it certainly will be interesting to read about that experience.
  4. I don't feel any specific part of my head hurting, but I notice you said it got more noticable when you tulpaforced some more. I've only experienced tulpaheadache once. Nice to hear you so excited about it, I'm personally stopping mine and going for a new one (nothing too fancy, may explain later). Your symptoms remind me very much of progress and, as I've said in another thread, going on when it's getting harder is good. You can still narrate in your head there, but I think work goes before tulpaforcing. Tulpaforcing can be done at home, on your way home, during breaks etc.
  5. I just Ctrl+F'd narration and you're right, narration is mentioned. I blame it my not noticing it because of my shin crash I had earlier today.. About the headaches, I just got one for the first time during tulpaforcing. First it was a really slight headache, and we were discussing (mostly me talking still) what the source was. Then I felt a little bit lightheaded, and afterwards I got a bit of a headache. Perhaps because I've been lacking in tulpaforcing lately. Well, now I can tell for myself that those headaches come from effect. So keep up the good work, Sands.
  6. I couldn't find anything about this subject, and I don't know if equilibrium is the correct translation for the word I mean. It might also be balance, but that seems like a strange translation. Now, about the topic. Whenever I'm nearing and I'm at the state of good concentration during tulpaforcing I feel like I'm tumbling, no matter how I sit or lay down. The reason? I'm not sure, but I'll try to write down my thoughts here. Underneath is an image of an ear, where you can see the Eustachian tube. It seems the Eustachian tube on my right side is very stress sensitive. I experience it shutting down completely when I'm in a lot of long term stress, although it mostly just functions less. The vestibular system is closely connected with the Eustachian tube. Now, when I'm tulpaforcing I suppose I get really relaxed. I think I can feel my Eustachian tube changing, probably relaxing. After the session I can hear much better with my right ear, almost as well as my left ear. Slightly after I think I feel my Eustachian tube changing I feel the tumbling, although I'm not sure if it's at same time as I lose track of time when tulpaforcing. I was thinking that because of the connection with the ear and the vestibular system that for some reason the relaxation of one part can cause it to lose grip. Any other ideas?
  7. Strange that you have a headache, Sands. From my personal experiences my mind may get tired, but no headaches have occured yet. In fact, sometimes I get this feeling like a dark, but warm light is inside of me while my surroundings have the same kind of light. That feels amazing, I tell you. A bit like an orgasm during sex, but without feeling anyone or anything sexual. I suppose those headaches come from going through some blockade, not from anything your tulpa does to you. I do see you're doing only tulpaforcing, but I've read nothing about narration. Do you talk to him throughout the day?
  8. I've personally never had any headaches from tulpaforcing, but when I narrated and slightly tulpaforced one day I did feel my mind being tired for the first time. That day I also got my first response from him. So I suggest you try to keep forcing until you can't go further. Then take a quick break and try again until you can't do it anymore, quick break and again. Why? Because I take it like exercising, when you're benchpressing you do the same. When I run with someone else and he or she says he/she can't continue, I motivate him/her to go a little bit further, then we can walk a bit and we continue. We do this until we've completed the round and I won't slow it down. Going that bit further makes people realise they can go further than they think and the rest afterwards is their reward and makes them not break their legs. Swearing is not kosher on this forum, although some don't mind it makes me dislike those who swear. On a forum you have the time to write your posts properly, so I see no reason to swear. It only makes you look like some worthless scum if you do. Swear all you want when you talk though, I do the same. Insults are fine, as long as you support your opinion.
  9. Speaking of procrastination, I talked about it on /lit/ yesterday. And you, Fede-lasse, you post a lot here and you don't seem to have a progress post. Do you procrestinate? You seem to have read up a lot of it, but you don't have a fully functional pony, do you? I'm thinking of starting up a progress thread, why don't you? ED: I just found your thread, not too much in there.
  10. You can sort of read their thoughts because your subconscious generates your tulpa's thoughts.
  11. Cinnamon isn't too bad for most people, I guess? I bet there's a cause for it. Have you tasted something with cinnamon lately? Have you changed or added something to your tulpa which relates to someone of who you have the connection with cinnamon?
  12. I see no reason to post a link to that. Math tutoring is quite a bit different than tulpaforcing help, since math tutoring is just teaching how to do something specific in the way an exam requires it. Though I can see psychologists perhaps minoring in tulpas when the subject is more advanced. Not really learning how to tulpaforce, but learning on tulpas in general. Since a tulpa is not something you can have for medical purposes and because the subject is really vague, help specifically aimed at tulpaforcing won't be recompensated. The help will probably be put in the same direction as things like math tutoring, but I doubt there will really be a demand for it. Books will be written when the demand for help is high enough, the only reason for professional help would be when people want a professional trainer. Though tulpaforcing is not as hard as working out, since you don't have to have a dietist and a trainer. You can do it yourself, just like you can go to the gym yourself. I doubt the difference between a specialist in tulpaforcing and reading on it will be as great as the difference between going to the gym by yourself and a personal trainer. Perhaps is tulpas are becoming a big enough thing, some psychologists may be getting a doctorate for studying on tulpas, then write books about it. Then some middle aged women will write self help books 'to improve your life, hapiness and sex through tulpas'.
  13. Not listening to Air in D major. I SHIG DIG DEE DOO. I agree with Fede-lasse, for some Sabre Dance may be more calming than Nocturne. Although I do suppose it's true you may get more excited by fast paced music. Compare two hours in a university building in Palermo with a Chopin duo to a festival with music like .
  14. Can't wait to be able to play chess with mine. I wonder if he'll read my memories to know what I'm planning.