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  1. And no recent backups? i need to leave all over again.
  2. Oh, no, I didn't mean to imply that you're boastful at all, just that your host has an admirably (in my opinion) expansive history with thoughtforms. Unless you're male and increase the risk of developing testicular cancer if you don't. In which case it's not a necessity for immediate survival, but a drive that helps promote longterm conditioning and reproduction. And in the absence of sex and masturbation, there's always nocturnal emissions and spontaneous ejaculations (observed in males of multiple mammal species). But yeah, by and large, most animals engage in masturbation at some point in their lives, and their urges seem to extend beyond compulsive habituation. No one else has offered personal insight about whether or not they personally enjoy, despise, or feel totally neutral about their sexual habits, or how their tulpas mirror, or differ from, them. I think above all, our thoughtforms have the unique ability to reveal to us the deepest parts of our psyche, especially our base instincts.
  3. Maybe I'm misconstruing, but it seems like some people here regard masturbation as an almost mandatory nuisance. I'm wondering if there's any correlation between those who feel annoyed or shameful about masturbation, and the expression of sexual and autoerotic* tendencies in their thoughtforms. Anyone want to volunteer their perspective on masturbatorial habits (or lack thereof) in the name of Science Almighty? (Can't gripe at me for this one—it was in a memorable scene from , for shitsake. And if you haven't been introduced to the practice of autoerotic asphyxiation, you don't know proper fun.)
  4. Nobilis was right; I was reporting personal, introspective observations based on my current situation. Those same sentiments don't necessarily apply to a few past tulpa experiences where masturbation was possible, but I've purposefully excluded those (complicated) accounts because they would have to be shunted to a less reputable forum section and exposed to assumptive ridicule. Succinct and accurate to my observations. I've been curious about this, too, since your host boasts decades worth of thoughtform practice and experience.
  5. N/A. The question of masturbation is completely irrelevant: I know that my thoughtforms are (primarily) the result of parsing and perceiving my cognition as disparate fragments. They are me, regardless of my conscious perception. Thus it follows that my sexual activity, like any other personal experience, definitely affects them. Addendum: Semi-Nomadic makes a fair point; this thread doesn't look too great on Tweets. I've always thought having a separate sexuality forum on here would be a wise decision, but I figured it was omitted for reasons I've yet to discover.
  6. I don't have time for a lengthy response right now, but I wanted to bring an older thread to your attention. More specifically, your ideas read similar to the therapeutic approach proffered by Peter Gerlach and his work with giving form and voice to people's "subselves". His concepts also bear more than a vague resemblance to Carl Jung's model of archetypes. We as individuals are, for all intents and purposes, a collective. There's nothing wrong with manifesting your subliminal underpinnings to better understand yourself, and becoming familiar with the multifarious origins of your thoughts and emotions seems wise. I'm a huge proponent of utilizing thoughtforms as a form of meditational therapy, not as idle companions or a sexual outlet. Over the past decade, mine have provided insight and creative coping strategies beyond anything I've found in mainstream psychotherapy. Godspeed!
  7. I second this, vehemently. I suggest finding root words for specific attributes, then applying them toward a unique name. Wait to see what sticks. With any luck, you'll eventually hear them declare their own, self-generated appellation in due time.
  8. Aw, man. Time's no issue. I'm really just interested to see how your imagination will interpret the designs and affect your creative process. Take all the time you need.
  9. Uh, well... Writer of literature, poems, biographies, blogs, smut, or correspondence? A couple of those options are in my job description. So, tentatively: Yes? The next person can name and/or recognize the precise genus and species of at least 10 extinct, or 20 extant, animals or/and plants. (And thanks for the compliment, dreamy. You've got those intuitions.)
  10. Nada. (I feel old and passé.) Next person has never (wittingly) heard a tune by Beck.
  11. Creative expression, meditation, exploration, remote viewing, and attempting to effect change from a distance. Make of that what you will.
  12. Ruxpin's You and Me Are One and the Same gets honorable mention for the title — and single lyrical line. But there's another tune with a similar name and concept to showcase for those who, like me (females aren't exempt), feel especially in touch with their so-called anima: Shpongle - I Am You [video=youtube] I - am - you [repeated ×24] You are me, and I am you I'll always be with you You are me, and I am you I'll always be with you You are the sun, the rain and the moonbeams You are the divine goddess of my dreams You are the sun, the rainbows, the moonbeams You are the divine goddess inside me You are me, and I am you I'll always be with you You are me, and I am you I'll always be with you (You are me, and I am you...) [repeated ×4]
  13. How can a dream misrepresent you when it's a window into your naked subconscious? [Genuine, not rhetorical, question.] I have never explored or implemented any restrictions with my intrinsic tulpas. Requests and boundaries have been discussed roughly equally, but I'm more often on the receiving end. The doppelgeist tulpas (for want of a better term) sometimes require far stronger boundaries and even blockades, but I'm no more willing to force strict rules on them than I am with corporal adult humans.