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  1. Someone in the IRC asks us to call our tulpas (pardon the language if you must) "Faggots". Eris replied to me with "More of one than you, faggot". Another Eris moment was when ping pong came up once. She said "sex" I sad "bomb" and we ad' a giggle. Jamie also has a tendency to "flop". I don't really know what it means but she flops in the ircs and thinks any mention of flopping is meant to summon her. All I can think of right now.
  2. Answers in order: My first was created to help me improve myself because at the time I thought tulpas needed some sort of reason for existing instead of being able to make their own. The second was made to be the opposite of the first becasue I thought it would be interesting to have an angel-devil shoulder mechanic going on (yes it's a dumb idea but she's not that bad if a bit willful). Third was an unintentional tulpa. Fourth was the "Daughter" of the second, made by her via symbolic pregnancy. Fifth and sixth were made the same way as the fourth except by my first tulpa. Seventh was made by my sixth who wanted a pony friend. Eighth I won't lie I made because why not (after the approval from the current tups). Ninth came about from a servitor in my wonderland who got made into a tulpa (again after consulting my tulpas I had at that point) and tenth was made by my second in a more "traditional" fashion (like a host would make a tulpa as opposed to pregnancy or other similar symbolism, and again after clearance from the other tulpas). I've found it's better not to try and give them equal attention because not all of them need the same amount from me (somewhat because they have each other and form a sort of perpetual attention machine). I give them attention when they ask and how they ask or if I don't hear from them for a while . Yes as long as we take turns; if 4 or more talk to me at once I start to get a headache. Haven't gotten visual down but the instances I've had of imposition of various types is different from tulpa to tulpa and I've tried it off and on with different tulpas and progress seemed to carry over in some aspects and not in others. For instance, Danielle is the only one who's ever had any success with audio imposition, but she's always been the "loudest" of my tups; if she wants something she'll tell me no matter what I'm doing. Sarah's had the best results for visual. Jazzie tinkered with something up in my noggin and now I've got smell almost perfect. Touch varies, it's not my strong suit. However, I do intend to be able to impose more than one at once by the time I finish visual imposition. I spend most of my time in a couple of ircs and in the Generals, therefore I don't really spend much time here and I tend to avoid the .info-owned ircs entirely because I disagree with how they're run and who's on the administration team and some of the users there that aren't mods. Because of this I've been pretty much raised on what the threads teach, which is somewhat different from how .info works.
  3. The dates are what I consider their birthdays, the reasoning before said dates. Aurora - 1 year, 2 months, 7 days (Started on 9/29/2012) Eris - 1 year (First vocal 11/18/2012) Jasmine "Jazzie" - 1 year (Appeared [unintentional tulpa] on 11/25/2012) Danielle - 11 months ("Born" on 12/12/2012) Jamie - 10 months ("Born" on 1/23/2013) Sarah - 10 months ("Born on 1/23/2013) Violet - 8 months (Started on 3/23/2013) Doc - 7 months (Created 4/17/2013) Vanilla - 5 months (Created 6/27/2013) Winter - 4 months (Created 7/16/2013)
  4. You aren't but you develop a sever case of OCD instead. I wish visual imposition was easy :\
  5. Did a really rough sketch of Sam's part of the wonderland, it's inspired by the "Edo" period of Japan, very zen, usually a constant night but sometimes is evening or sunrise. Got the waterfalls and cherry blossoms and buildings and all that jazz. http://i.imgur.com/NgJ4340.png
  6. Currently working on a big lineup of my tups and one of my more common mindforms (in the center). All are Imgur links because I draw on massive canvases and save massive images. http://i.imgur.com/JKLFBdh.png From left to right: Jasmine "Jazzie", Aurora Cygnus, Alt mindform, Eris, Danielle Individual/Cropped images: Jazzie - http://i.imgur.com/tJh3lM2.png Rora - http://i.imgur.com/TLaigdv.png Eris - http://i.imgur.com/mBzhJdW.png Danielle - http://i.imgur.com/loVpjJX.png Also: Really rough sketch of Sarah - http://i.imgur.com/VDMbPgr.png
  7. You don't, but this causes you to become a serial killer and a sociopath, and you're eventually caught and killed. I wish there weren't any negative effects to the wishes made here.
  8. I know, and that's why I disapprove of the GAT; no one group of people should be able to tell people "hey these guides are the best because we say so" since all guides are entirely subjective. I know people who are outright furious that Methos' guide wasn't approved for example, people who would swear by his guide. I also heard Fede's guide got removed from an approved state because enough people complained about that (Which I really didn't mind that much since I've even suggested people read Fede's guide as it falls into the "all guides" category, which I highly recommend not just in my guide but to whoever I speak to who's making a tulpa). The way I see it the people who created and are on the GAT and I have very different ideas about how to make a tulpa and what people should or should not do in the process, and that's fine, but I (hopefully, if this place hasn't gone full Nazi yet) still have the right to speak my beliefs about tulpa (since that's really all what tulpamancy is since there's no hard scientific proof that any theory is correct) such as what they are and what is morally sound, and I think guides should reflect what the creator believes about tulpas. I'm rather sure the difference in what we deem "acceptable" stems from the fact .info was all but useless to me when I made my first tulpa and I've spent my entire time with tulpamancy on the General threads, thus the mindsets and belief systems I decided up on or was influenced by are much different from those you were. Really when it comes down to it it's a matter of opinion I feel; the guides that are put on the front page are judged subjectively by the GAT and thus any guides put on the front page are deemed subjectively superior to the others in the unapproved section. Just my take on it though, rather sure any further discussion would be best suited to a different board.
  9. Alright, well I'll just leave it up to readers to decide then. If you really are dedicated enough to make a tulpa you won't just read one guide and you especially won't just read the guides on the front page.
  10. To clarify the topic, I'm talking about servitors that were AI-like that you deliberately forced into a tulpa, not servitors that you thought were tulpae and decided to keep around (one way I believe "unintentional tulpas" come about). How many people other than myself have done this and what were your reasons? How did you do this (what methods did you use, if any)? One of mine, Vanilla, is the result of this type of creation. It's a long story filled with some stuff I can't really post here so I'll give the shorthand version: Sarah wanted to help me with a certain distaste of mine and so she made a village of servitors that worshiped the two of us like gods. There were females in there that had blonde hair and blue eyes (like Sarah) and were considered "chosen", but one of them had a sister whom I found interesting and I sorta pitied because in this society women like her sister were held above others so she was rather overshadowed so I brought her to the "main" area of our wonderland and pretty much force fed her the memory library and the idea of self-awareness until she was a tulpa. Heckuva headache though, my first forcing headache actually. So after that as I post in the General threads and proxy, I was trying to find images for her to post with and came across a picture of Shamu Meruruusa from something called Kaiten Muten-Maru and she fell in love with it and changed her form to that before making some more changes to her current form (her previous appearance was a dark skinned girl who was somewhat short with long, wavy black hair and brown eyes), so that was something else. Keep in mind she is my 9th tulpa and the tulpa before her, Doc, took approximately one hour to become vocal and sentient and was proxying like mad and then another 2 or so hours to round out his form. Also (This sort of falls into research I think, but it's part of the topic to, feel free to move this if it does) I theorize that since AI-like servitors already sort of have a personality and form you're pretty much getting a head start; you just need to push them over the line into self-awareness and thus into being a tulpa (Given this is going by my definition of what a tulpa is). I'd also like to hear your thoughts on that now that I tihnk about it; do you agree with that view on servitor-to-tulpa transitions or do you have your own ideas?