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  1. Thanks a lot, that gives me a lot of hope. ^_^
  2. Hey, I made a tulpa back in May and I got really into it, but after a a few months my life started to get really busy so I decided to take a break. A long time passed until I finnaly started forcing again. While forcing everything seemed different, nothing felt the same with my tulpa. Was it because I took too much time off? Was my tulpa even still there? I had to take summer school and summer camp after that which caused me to stop forcing again for another month. I finnaly have some free time because everything is finished but I don't know what to do. Will I still be able to force to the sam
  3. Day 10-May 10 Not really much to say. Today was a pretty ok day. Just had a few tests in school, and trying to work on getting myself to remember to narrate and involve Aria in my activities 24/7.
  4. Hey, guys, my name is Sifly, some of you may know me from Irc, though my forum account got activated a few days ago. I started making my Tulpa on may 1st and I think I've made a great amount of progress. I also have a progress report, so if any of you want to read my progress, feel free.
  5. Just as a reminder, feel free to give advice, ask questions, etc. It helps out a lot :)
  6. Day 9-May 9 Today, was a really fun day with me and Aria. I was able to narrate much more and was able to involve Aria in most of the things I did. After getting home, I decided to force for about an hour. Aria and myself went on a long journey. We jumped into an ocean and dived to the very bottom. Once at the bottom of the ocean, Aria punched the ground so that we could swim into the hole that she made. We ended up in some sort of sewer and I kept talking to Aria along the way. I remember telling Aria not to do something when trying to climb up a ladder in the sewer, but then, that's whe
  7. Day 8-May 8 So today was alright for me and Aria, I narrated to Aria a bit today, but not as much as I wanted too. I introduced Ice cream to Aria, and I think she liked it. Later that night, I started getting a really bad headache, I think Aria was mad at me for not narrating to her that much today. I tried to force, but I was way to tired :/. Wasn't really the most productive day. I'm gonna really try hard not to have a day like this again. I hope the next day will be much better.
  8. Day 7-May 7 Today wasn't really going well with me and Aria. I had tried to force with Aria during some of my classes, but it didn't really work out so well and it felt like I was loosing some of the presence from Aria. Once I got home, I started to narrate to Aria some more, but Aria's presence was still a little weak. Later that night, after asking some questions on IRC, I decided to force in the shower. Forcing in the shower gave me amazing results! Aria's sentience was through the roof, Aria would move on her own more then she would out of the shower and she was clearer than normal.
  9. Haha, thanks :) I'm pretty sure that joke has been used many times XD
  10. Hey, guys. I actually made my Tulpa, Aria, on May 1st. Though I think I'll start my progress reports starting today. I would love feedback and advice too, thanks ^_^ So I'll give my latest progress report later tonight.
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