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  1. Due to reasons that I am not willing to disclose I have to suspend this progress report indefinitely. I apologies to those who might have actually been reading these posts. I will however be continuing my work with Tris. This will be my last post in this thread. Thank you.
  2. Post 4: From now on, I'm labeling these as posts instead of days, because I owing be posting everyday. Today was an uneventful day. Just a bit of narration. Nothing too fancy. Trying to find good times to force. I have a pretty good form laid out for Tris, though.
  3. Well, I'm sorry for not posting lately. I actually forgot, I was is wrapped up in forcing. I have done quite a bit lately. I have also been narrating quite a lot, in fact im talking a about this post to her right now. I need some help with concentration and visualizing if anyone can help. I'm sorry, but I have to cut this one short, I'm still at school!
  4. Day 2: So today was really just a day to prepare for when I start to begin forcing and stuff. I have a name for my tulpa. I want her name to be Tris. Not short for anything just Tris. I think I like it. Well, anyhow, I just was practicing keeping my mind clear and trying out my new sleep schedule, which actually worked. All I have to do is reset my internal clock to line up with my new sleep schedule!
  5. Day 1: I guess you could call it day one, same day as starting this thread. I just remembered that I had already made a sort of wonderland. It was for a completely unrelated experiment that I did a while back. Basically my wonderland is just two rooms, one is a control room with memory storage racks on every wall except one. It also has a console to, well, control stuff. The one wall without racks has a door with leads to the newly formed creation room. It comes complete with a fully integrated holographic design program (basically just some symbolism on my part.) The creation room is where I
  6. Irontorch's Progress Report This is my second post here on Tulpa.info. This time I'm actually going to try my hand a creating a tulpa. I have not thought of a name for my tulpa or frankly anything about it. The only real reason I'm posting this is to keep me motivated and as a private place to organize the events that are going to go on. This is my first time attempting this so bear with me. Any tips or pointer will be greatly appreciated and I will be posting regularly.
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    That's a wonderful idea! Do you mind if I include that in my hypothesis?
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    Thanks for all of the feed back, this is really encouraging!
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    A hypothesis (plural hypotheses) is a proposed explanation for a phenomenon. A theory is a contemplative and rational type of abstract or generalizing thinking, or the results of such thinking. I would say hypothesis, actually. Thanks for pointing that out. If your interested, this would actually be called "fringe science."
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    In response to me dividing the steps into days, I am simply doing this to prevent so much strain on the mind. I am afraid that using your mind this much, even though you are in a lucid dream, might make you brain dead in the morning. For those of you who have over tupla forced know the feeling I am talking about. Also the story about your LD was great tania! I am curious to know if anyone wants to actually attempt this??? That would be great if you would be my test subjects, I mean... uhhh... participants! XD If there are any takers, please email me at irontorch100@gmail.com to let me know. I
  11. Do to a mix up in my wording, I am posting this to clarify the statement on personality. I do not advise against doing personality in real life, I advise against it in the dream. I am afraid that you would just be wasting your time doing personality when in your dream. Just based on how lucid dreams work I would advise you to do personality before hand, not in the dream. My second reason is that it may make the dream unstable. Emphasis on the may. And my third reason, just to eliminate an extra, unneeded variable in the process of experimentation. And a big thanks to Lacqure and Tania for t
  12. This thread has been revised please go here for newist version: http://community.tulpa.info/thread-the-theory-of-lucid-dream-tulpa-forcing So I was lying in bed the other day trying to convince my brain that sleep was something I needed to do at that time, when all of the sudden I had a crazy idea pop into my head. This idea has now turned into a sort of theory after I did further research of lucid dreams, tulpae and the subconscious. This theory, which I have dubbed LDTF ( Licid Dream Tulpa Forcing) includes creating a tulpa while in a lucid dream. Now for those of you who don't know wha
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