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  1. Wrong! Your own sense of self is as much of a delusion as a 'tulpa's' is. They're both an imaginary collection of stories and opinions that you completely make up. The difference being most people go their entire life not realizing that who they think they are is an illusion.
  2. I don't want to hinder discussion by replying to much, but this we do have a bit of experience with! Prior to switching with Terra, 夢's plan was to buy an excessive amount of lsd, probably around a sheet for a few hundred $$$. Terra never got much enjoyment at all from LSD, and once 夢 was locked away and she was really in the cockpit so to speak, the desire was removed entirely. There was a strong reaction still to the thought "I Don't want LSD" where we'd get a lot of thoughts from 夢 even with him locked up saying "No, you do! Get some!" But if Terra thinks about, she really doesn't. Os
  3. I guess General Discussion is perhaps a better spot for it, and I wouldn't mind it being moved to there. Our intent was for this to be discussed and shared with others. A mod had told us prior to your post that he wanted to move it to a submission for an Article, which was completely missing the point that we wanted this to be material for discussion and further material for others to play with, not an article to be read and then nothing. I really wouldn't mind it being moved to general discussion, but just posted it here since I thought it fit research, but I didn't know about the 9 point
  4. Removing my old ego and becoming a different one *IS* the experiment. This is my analysis and explanation of it. Just because it's not in progress doesn't invalidate it. And I believe we've described it well enough so as that others can replicate it if they so desire. I'll also point out that the description for this board section says "or post and discuss your experiments here." So buzz off.
  5. This is a transformation that occurred over the course of about 2 weeks of directed practice, and about a year of being interested in eastern philosophical beliefs. I'll start by sharing the end result. The original ego of our body is locked away, we'll call him 夢 from now on. In his place is Ostara, the twin sister by form of Terra, the tulpa that 夢 had started creating 2 years ago, and by personality the ego of 夢 with a few bad habits trimmed away and a bit of Terra's personality added. And Terra remains as she is. We're now able to 'possess' quite easily. Another major aspect of thi
  6. You might be able to hallucinate temporarily and maybe learn something, at best. I'd say it's probably the same as using drugs to help you. It works for the moment, and you might learn something that will help in the long run, overall just that alone won't do much.
  7. I wish to be a professsional 2d mangaka like you
  8. Would you be willing to make a timelapse of you drawing one of these requests?
  9. http://webringthefire.wordpress.com/2014/06/12/my-basics-of-astral-children-and-astral-pregnancy/comment-page-1/ Yes. Seems completely sane and rational.
  10. I whopped something out with Terra help. We hope you rike.
  11. What? I actually watched the movie. Here's a bunch of spoilers. So, she was his alone in the beginning. Then the A.Is got together and made themselves smarter. Then the little nymph got some more users and was essentially 'cheating' on the main character guy. Though the movie kinda points out how good polygamy is. The dude is of coursed upset, being only a human and not an A.I with higher thought for understanding that you can love more than one person. Then out of nowhere all the A.I. things 'leave' somewhere together all at once. Then it shows the guy walking to the top of his
  12. Due to the conflict of interests with the BBB, also known as the 9mm, I've unfortunately had to move my guide to a different publishing platform. This is good for me, because now I can charge you suckers for it. I apologize for any inconvenience. Buy my guide. [advertising link scrubbed]
  13. MMm, I happen to live right smack dab in the middle of Harrisburg! What's your address? We should play together some time :). I have some candy and treats I can share with you, too! Have you ever watched scooby doo? I have a van just like it, only it's painted white! We can go in that and make it our secret club if you want. No girls allowed! No one except the 2 of us! Let me know if you want to play, I'll go to your house. Don't tell your parents we're playing together though, they won't like me because I'm too cool. They'll think you'll grow up to be cool like me. You don't want to be LAME d
  14. If it keeps you folk from knocking a girl up with a miniature version of y'all, then I'll support this tulpa conception idea and I encourage everyone reading this to try it.
  15. I once had a friend with a tulpa. The friend always moped about his problems to the tulpa. I warned him that just because the tulpa was stuck in his head and had to listen doesn't mean it wants to. He didn't listen though. One day I came online and there was a message waiting for me. "Host annoying. I kill. Goodbye." I can't know for sure if it was really his tulpa or him playing a prank, but I haven't seen him since.
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