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  1. You've pretty much got it spot on in the second paragraph, from my perspective it's like I'm mentally blind but I still do have that 'space' above my head where it feels like I'm thinking about the described ball as I read it. I've had several descriptions of what my mind's eye is and how to think about it but I do have the problem of remembering my eyes, which particularly happens right as I feel like I'm about to make some progress. I'll keep working on it, maybe it's time to consider that open eyed may be the way forward for me though.
  2. Ah I guess I forgot to include this information as well. I'm an avid reader, reading somewhere around ~1.8M words since Christmas, think 3/4 lengthy novels. I can still imagine what characters and scenes should look like, I build the worlds inside my head but still don't 'see' them at all. I've spent a lot of time with the whole describing thing with Chupi's method and still use the descriptive thing when thinking about visualizing things, but to no result.
  3. So currently I'm stuck at the first step where I know what I should see, but I can't 'see' it. How can I go about shifting focus to my minds eye? I've been trying visualization exercises now since January but obviously never having done it before is causing me some problems, I can't remember day dreaming or anything like that as a child. Anyone have an advice or guide suggestions? I've tried Chupi's guide but had no luck, and I've just tried imagining things in general but have yet to visualize any of them.