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  1. It seems too out there to be a troll. And this part kinda got me. If this is real, I would say that this person may need some psychological help.
  2. According to Wiktionary, at least, I am correct in pluralizing it as "tulpas". And that's pretty interesting, Charlotte. It's good that it helped her through tough times.
  3. I figured the forums needed more posts, so I'll share my thoughts on this. One thing that's always fascinated me about the subject of tulpas is the fact that often they're formed unintentionally. In fact in some of the earlier threads we were having, we had people going "Oh, so that's what it was called? A tulpa?" Because they had formed one, one way or another, beforehand. Remember, that a tulpa is, as I've said a couple times, a big ball of concentrated thought. An imaginary friend, taken to the next level not only applies as a description, but also as a possible way of their formation. If you keep concentrating on that friend of yours, the idea is that they'll become somewhat real to you, or if you're looking at this from a supernatural point of view, the energy of your attention/focus brings them into life as a separate being. I've seen stories of people claiming to have created tulpas (usually without directly using the term) through trauma, loneliness, etc. Of course the trauma thing leads me to a whole other discussion. That aside, it's very interesting that there are so many ways to go about forming what we call a tulpa. Personally, I think there are a whole world of possible approaches that we haven't even thought of. Hearing the thoughts of others on this would be nice.
  4. I can see why you would prefer forums to an imageboard for this. The main thing that appeals to me about imageboards is that everyone's more-or-less on equal ground in an anonymous setting. There's no ass kissing or seniority, however for something like this it's good to keep in mind who (at least supposedly) knows what they're talking about and who's new. As for the board divisions, like FAQ said, this isn't going to be a huge community. We have no need for small divisions in a site that has an already small user base. If the community grows, then you simply split forums afterwards. Don't spread what you barely have thin. However, lumping everything together into one or two areas is also a bad idea. As with everything, a balance is important. For that reason, I think the layout you're suggesting should be fine.