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  1. Wouldn't the tulpa not be able to play the game with you, considering if your tulpa were to kill an enemy, really, since the tulpa is imaginary, it'd really be there anyway and beat you down? Unless you were to hallucinate the entire game past that point.
  2. I believe you're thinking of marriage.
  3. Guitar Hero? Well, damn. All my tulpa can play is this. [video=youtube] On a more serious note, I'd assume board games can be easily played by their creators and their tulpae (I even heard of creators "forcing" such games so that their tulpae could actually move the piece). Video games, however, would probably be limited to video games that have both players use one hand (I'll bet SHMUPs would be pretty fun using such a setting) or that don't require simultaneous play (such as Pokemon and most RPGs, as well as games that had the old alternating multiplayer modes, such as the early Mario games).
  4. Might want to post this in the "What kind of tulpa are you making?" megathread next time. On-topic: Not really sure how much difficulty you'll have getting your tulpa animate, considering scarecrows aren't (normally) sentient.
  5. I'd guess so too. That information is stored in the subconscious, and if the tulpa has access to the subconscious (and, if certain experiments are to be believed, they seem to) I don't see why it wouldn't work.
  6. 2029: The world becomes filled with NEDs, destroying what remains of the human race. Two beings travel back from this time to 1984 Los Angeles, one a human resistance fighter trying to protect the mother of a resistance fighter who would lead the remainder of the human race to war against the NEDs, the other a NED who is tasked to end the life of this woman.
  7. No idea how this works, but if the forum-goers are to be believed, it does. There is a lot of uncharted territory to the brain. Perhaps, somewhere in that mess of gray matter, there really is a moderately accurate internal clock. That's the best theory I could come up with. I dunno.
  8. Din

    Tulpa math

    I agree with Raetin. Completion, then math. That's probably what you should invest most of your energy in for now.
  9. I actually got the feeling your name was based on the Eggplant Wizard from Kid Icarus, with the taco projectiles and all. glitch: I think you might've missed Clair's survey on the front page.
  10. As if getting turned into a goddamned eggplant wasn't enough... :P These answers really are uplifting. I'm happy to see that many people are participating. Your time is appreciated, guys.
  11. Din

    Tulpa rejection

    Failed cover check.
  12. You could just do one tulpa and save the others for when they're further along...
  13. I'd love to see some Mario here. I'll put my next vote in for Mario Bros.
  14. That might be an emotional response. If you get an emotional response, it's a tulpa's first step toward sentience. Generally, tulpae communicate non-verbally before speaking. That's a good sign.