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  1. December 12th 2013 Personality is more developed, I think. I find it hard describing people, but here I go! -Stomp is a strategic genius, though sometimes his plans are a little too open-minded, whimsical. -great at memorization. -great at expressing his words and feelings. -Adventurous; good intentions, loves to have fun, but his ways of finding fun often lead him into trouble or dangerous situations. -shy sometimes.
  2. Well, right now I'm working on multiple things, mostly visual imposition and audio imposition, but I'd have to say I'm at 300 or so.
  3. Stomp said he wants more friends for Christmas....
  4. I usually have it quite but audible, and it seems to cut off any other unwanted distractions. Stomp enjoys it to. He says, and I quote, "it makes my crest feel all joogle."
  5. I've started listening to ambient music while forcing, it seems to help. I find it rather relaxing, and I wanted to know if anyone else listens to music while forcing. On another music related note, Stomp and I have sung Bohemian Rhapsody a couple of times, and he knows the lyrics better than me.
  6. Haven't been keeping a log, but I started this during the summer, but haven't made much progress due to lack of free time. Here's basically what's happened: -started feeling a presence -started having thoughts that weren't mine, but actually came from tulpa -started "seeing" Stomp (it's like I know he's there and I know what he looks like, but he isn't actually imposed yet) -started having other thoughts in another voice December 7 2013 Played a board game I invented with Stomp (he won). Stomp got the idea to make some friends and is trying the idea out. We began building our wonderland house. I've already made a map of the whole wonderland world. In other news, Stomp helped me with my test in school, and he is currently trying to convince me to ask the girl I like out.
  7. This is Stomp here.
  8. Makes sense. In the comics, the characters didn't have much of a personality, so I'm beginning to flesh them out in the comics based on their "real personalities." Anyways, Stomp is talking to someone else, and I almost feel an extra presence.
  9. Thanks. It seems my tulpa, who is based off of a character in a comic I make, is making some friends, who happen to be in my comic as well.
  10. Is it possible for a tulpa to make a tulpa for you? Also, can a tulpa begin to form without the host's knowledge? [/size]