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  1. You're right, I don't care. The next person is considered pale. (By the way, this is my last post on this website. It was nice knowing you all.)
  2. ...and why this thread is even still alive, while Oprah is busy...
  3. I don't hate it, but I don't have much of a liking for it. The next person hates when a voice actor looks nothing like their incredibly attractive character (fucking L from Death Note for Christ's sake).
  4. I think it hasn't even been 2 months. The next person started around the same time I did.
  5. That is so correct. The next person is usually hungry.
  6. I know a Justin Bieber I'm not too fond of, I've never heard of justin beiber though. The next person knows of Dolan.
  7. Ain't nobody got money for that. The next person also only has a single monitor.
  8. ...has no penis, so he feeds on...
  9. is anything but important. The next person is sick.
  10. Will I give the definition of empirical? I will give the definition of empirical: Based on, concerned with, or verifiable by observation or experience rather than theory or pure logic. The next person is in a spinning chair.
  11. My eyes are light green; I wish they were a really dark brown/black. The next person has Irish decent.
  12. ...nonexistent country of Guam, where...
  13. ...I SHOULD DO THAT! The next person has the Shinigami eyes.
  14. That's something I call a "space filler". It's just to make things less awkward when they're already too awkward to handle. "Dude, are you a virgin?" "Yeah, I'm a virgin." "That's cool lol." "Yeah lol." *situation is 8 times less awkward* The next person agrees "lol" is just a space filler.