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  1. Just find any little thing to talk about, even if it's somthing random atleast you're talking. At first I felt the exact same way, but now it really isn't difficult. My tulpa is very open to anything I say. Act as if your tulpa is your diary, tell it anything that you feel or that comes to mind, your day and stuff like that. It helps.
  2. That's sort of how I got Alec, when I first learned about tulpas and what they were, I started thinking about my character actually being one and having sentience (I spent alot of time on him). So yeah, now I'm actually working on him further. I decided to keep him and I don't regret it, I love him so much:)
  3. Just wondering, I've heard of people creating characters for like RP's and stories and by focusing on their characters so much they actually become sentient. How does this happen? Can it happen?
  4. I know that if you only have intensions of having sex with your tulpa this can cause a negative affect on them. I'm only asking because I've read about some tulpas that actually hate their hosts, though the creator did nothing to cause this. It just happened. So what do you think happened? How do Tulpas malfunction somehow?
  5. Thank you guys, I'm glad that this is a healthy sign. I was unaware that they were able to have a whole wardrobe of clothes. Now that I think about it, I see it as his way of expressing himself, which I'm pleased with.
  6. So yeah, I'm kind of a newbie to this stuff so I have a couple of questions. Its been four days since I created my Tulpa and so far everything's been fine. I did personality and now we are both currently working through Vizualization and Narrating, I talk to him daily from the very morning till I fall asleep and I force everyday for atleast a half an hour or a full hour if I can. I originally based him off of a character from a video game but when I forced, his clothing suddenly changed. I assumed it was him. So my question is was it him that changed the form of his clothing or was it me? And if he keeps changing will this prevent me from making progress? since his form isn't sticking to one choice. He still looks the same it's just the clothing.