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  1. 1) Well-developed tulpas are real in the same way DID (dissociative identity disorder) identities are real. Tulpas aren't DID, but the same code of morals applies. Both can posses their own thoughts, memories and emotions that are just as valid as experiences of the original identity. Both would clearly show up on fMRI scans and psychological tests. 2) Young tulpas often lack skills necessary to be considered a full fledged person. This is analogous to young children. Nonetheless, there is consensus that young children should be treated with equal amount of respect as a fully developed person, due to the potential they hold. If children were valued for what they currently are, they would be seen as dysfunctional animals. Young tulpas should be treated as children and valued for the potential they possess. The majority of tulpa community is at this stage. 3) If no genuine attempt/plans are made to develop a character into a person, this is role-playing. A request can be made to treat your role-playing character as a person, however the nature of your role-playing character should be made transparent to all parties. Role-playing characters have no concerns/wishes that need to be considered with same level of importance as that of a person; however the person who acts on their behalf does. A request for a role-playing character to be treated as a person without transparency regarding the nature of said interaction is deception and devaluation of persons with genuine plurality.