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  1. I'm a pretty decent programmer. I'm a fairly busy with school right now, but if you need any help just PM me and I'd be glad to assist :)
  2. Recently, I've been feeling really discouraged about my ability to create a tulpa. While I don't doubt that it's possible to do (there are far too many people who seem to have done it for it to just be some kind of massive hoax) I feel like I've been doing something seriously wrong, or maybe that my mind just isn't cut out for having a tulpa (although I really hope the latter isn't true). So I've been at this for a bit over two months starting in early May, and I've honestly seen very little progress. I have trouble with narrating because a lot of the time when I'm thinking about something I'
  3. I find it kind of hilarious that somebody put this as one of the communities they affiliate most with.
  4. Is there any kind of method to staying aware for this, or is it just a "keep doing it and eventually it'll work" type of thing?
  5. I'm super new to tulpas in general (creating my first one!) and so I apologize in advance if this is a common question (although based on what I've seen it doesn't seem to be). Anyways, I often don't get as much sleep as I should. This leads to an odd situation where I'm fine most of the time, but during periods of inactivity I become extremely tired and have a lot of difficulty staying awake. One thing in particular that I've noticed is that I'll have these weird half-dream things where I'm not really asleep, but my thoughts become extremely dream-like (i.e. they're surreal and I have troubl
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