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  1. Well, again I procrastinated. When I finally got back on track with forcing, Amber seemed fine. I wasn't feeling anything from Triss, though, so I thought I had lost some progress there. Last night I had almost a full conversation with her. It definitely felt like her, nothing that could be put off as parroting. She seemed mad that I had put off forcing for a while, and then started forcing Amber, even though it was Amber's day to be forced. I promised that I would force her on her days of the week (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday) but she still seemed mad. I understand that she's mad, as I haven't forced her for a while, and I'm trying to find a way to make it up to her. At least she didn't take a big step back, and instead is just mad at me, and probably hiding her emotions from me. I can mainly get 20 min forcing sessions done, but I'm hoping to expand that amount of time. I try to narrate to them on their days still. I'm glad that triss is still becoming more vocal, and I'm focusing on getting her face right. Amber I keep seeing as being long (Kinda stretched out) but she has shown little deviation otherwise. I have an issue that whenever Amber is doing something that requires hands, she turns into a human and back when she's done. She might have two forms, but as of yet, as she's not vocal, I can't say.
  2. Can you please draw Amber? She's a mare, about knee height on a human, with a mane going down the left side of her neck. Her body is a light red, her tail is droopy, and hangs down, twilight sparkle style, and she has a cutie mark of a fireball. Her eyes are a light violet color, and she is a pegasus on all fours. Thanks.
  3. You seem to be off to a good start! Good luck!
  4. I try to force every night except sundays,( because I have 2 tuppers and divide the week evenly and sunday would give one tulpa extra attention) but when I force I can't seem to stay focused and my mind wanders. Is there anything I can do to keep my focus.
  5. Does anyone have any ideas about what I can do for fun with my tulpa in wonderland?
  6. WOW! I have really been slacking off. Both on posting an forcing. I've picked up on forcing again so Im trying to get back on track. Triss said a few more words recently but amber has seemed like kind of an empty shell. I'm not making any progress with her. If you can give me any tips for both of them that would be useful. See you guys next post!
  7. 2 more words! The first was whe I mentioned being stressed and I heared a "it's okay well be there for you" the second was when I apologized for not forcing much that night and I heared "well you were on your I-phone all night." It's true I was. Texting is a bit of an addiction. My only problem is I cant differentiate between triss and amber when there talking. I think this is because at the moment the mind voice I hear speaking is almost like mine with only a touch of... Girlness so I really can't figure out who is speaking. Also as you can see I've given up on day counts I kinda lost count. See you guys next post.
  8. Wow! You seem to be makin progress!
  9. For some reason amber seems to show more emotion than triss... I wonder why?
  10. Afterwards as if to say sorry she grabbed something from a closet I dident know we had and ran outside. When I got out there was a robotic t-Rex outside my house (in the wonderland) that was kinda surprising...
  11. I kina get yes no answers to except they are not words but kind of... Feelings. Like a cat purring... Oh and nice idea with the assumption. I try to assume sentience but when it is obvious I put it Down to parroting.
  12. Cool idea! I kinda use that method but instead of doors I use portals. One leads to basically an empty room that I use for visualization. The rest lead to other places that I don't want to makes spot in my wonderland for. Another word! When I was taking triss and amber to my visualization room I heated them say something along the lines of "it's cold" I replied "we'll it's winter winter is cold" oh I forgot to mention this earlier but whenever I say got a new word but don't say what the word is that means I forgot it. I am kinda a forgetful person and the words are half intent half words so they arnt very memorable. Since its winter we had a snowball fight. She made a snow fort appear out of nowhere so I made a bulldozer she knocked me out of the bulldozer and tried to run me over with it. I had temporary super strength so I threw it off. I don't know where the strength came from but I threw it off. I hope that is just triss being playful! I wonder can you die in wonderland?
  13. So I was kinda scared about parroting and tried the prism thing. Triss just looked away and instead if falling it just floated there. Nothing much to report. I think I got another word and a definite emotion of wanting to communicate. I decided to try to introduce them to seasons (for that very far of day of imposition) and made it winter In our wonderland. See You guys next post!