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  1. here is the pictures: I Don't have very good penmanship and I'm not the greatest drawer. So i'm asking anyone who's interested to re-design the layout of this game me and Menna (my tulpa/being) play. it explains the concepts of how we play, and the rules. So in a nutshell i want someone to redraw the picture (door) for me, and add the captions and sub notes. If you are confused with what a word means, just ask me. I'll also explain the picture more if needed. the door is supposed to be green and the square on the top part of the door is supposed to be a window. the window always shows black. Also my wonderland is built by using contracts. So basically if i want to make a big change in concept, or I want to add a game involving my subconscious, I would have to write everything up and sign it (thats why there's an F on the back page the picture). After that I have to rip the paper up. ripping up the paper basically means that it's gone from this reality and is now in my wonderland's reality ( I know this sounds corny but that's how i want to do things). Lastly if i want to change anything major about Menna, I would write it down, sign it, rip it up, and then Menna herself would have to sign it to complete the process. Thank you for hearing me out. If you have anything you're confused about, or you don't know what a word means, ask. Catch you later! F
  2. I mean this in the sense of, When you eject yourself from the wonderland abruptly because someone is calling you in real life or a loud noise causes you to open your eyes, does your tulpa still see you in the wonderland? do you just "poof"? do you fade away? I put this under general question because im guessing this question can be pretty subjective.