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  1. If you have an iPhone, pretend to talk to Siri. Do so very quietly, because it would look weird asking Siri how her day was. Pretend someone is calling you, and talk into your phone. Just do it. A lot of people talk to themselves, so no one has ever really looked at me funny when I talk to Kamran.
  2. I've always used oepn eye visualization, because until I read Phi's guide on t, I always tried closed eye, but I never saw anything. Day after day I tried, but I just couldn't. I tried open eye visualization, and I still couldn't see a thing. After a few days, I got a glimpse of something (which I think is a book), and I noticed when I visualized the book, it looked a lot like the things I imagine when I read. I then narrated Kamran's features to myself, and I saw him for the first time. I did the same with wonderland, and now I can visualize exceptionally. [it helped that I was actually vocal, so I could tell what I wanted to look like.]
  3. Along the lines of what you said, except it happens to me while I am doing something that isn't forcing that requires concentration, like lucid dreaming, and Kamran bugs me to mess me up :P
  4. [align=center]Guide To Better Visualization Okay, so I've noticed on the IRC, Tumblr, Tulpa.info, Reddit, etc., that one of the community's most problematic things is visualization. Some people can't visualize things as fine as the texture of the hair, to the outline of the body. We have all had this problem, and some things work, but under some conditions, we can't use them. If your tulpa isn't moving or talking, or you can't visualize at all, some techniques are literally impossible to do. When this happens, there is no where to turn, and you can't do anything. I made this guide to help with that, and literally everyone can do this, no matter what stage you are at. When you are reading a book, you sometimes get so into the book that you forget that you are in the real world, and you imagine the book happening. I figured that you could do this with visualizing your tulpa and or wonderland. All you have to do is write a descriptive (UNIT OF WRITING HERE) about your tulpa. This can vary from a paragraph to an essay, but I recommend at minimum, do 5 paragraphs, one for each sense (yes, taste too. It will be weird if you ever bite them and they taste like nothing.) I recommend doing 2 pages, which can cover nearly every detail, but once again, do whatever feels right. This needs to describe their form, and nothing whatsoever about anything else. Next, read that paper to yourself, but read it as if it were a very fascinating book. Get lost in the description, and put it together in your mind as you read. After this, you should be able to see a great visualization of your tulpa, or at least a rough draft. This works, because you do this exact thing when ever you read. Imagine Harry Potter getting on his broomstick, or Eragon getting on Saphira. You can recall this so good, because you read about it, and you visualized this happening. This is also training open eye visualization, so you can do it whenever you want to force. I hope this helped someone, and don't mind posting your feedback below![/align]
  5. That's kinda what happened with Kamran. He was male, and that ended up working out in my favor.
  6. I've been looking around and I've noticed that there aren't many people with a tulpa the same sex as them. Kamran is male, because I have a girlfriend, it would be weird for me to have a female companion follow me around all the time that isn't her, but that's just how I look at it. Do any of you have a tulpa the same sex as you?
  7. Works for me, guess it might be just you...
  8. I love hearing all this feedback :D I would also like suggestions for what else you want these beats to help with. Maybe I could even make one with a bit if piano in the background?
  9. To me, the first time I heard Kamran talk, I was half asleep, so it felt like someone mentally slapped me awake. Let's just say, you will definitely be able to tell what it feels like when she talks.
  10. The first time I visualized Kamran, I was on the couch just working on wonderland, and he walked up and said "Sup." I didn't even try to visualize him the first time I visualized, he did the majority of work for me when it came to form.
  11. This is a delta binural beat at 1.5 Hz, that is meant to help people with ADHD/ADD, like myself, concentrate while tulpaforcing. I made this, but you may redistribute it as long as you credit me with this url! tulpa-tulpa.tumblr.com Here is the link. ADHD/ADD Tulpa Tones
  12. The same way you create a tulpa on purpose. In a nutshell, a tulpa is a separate consciousness created by focusing on it so much, it is put into existence. This can happen on purpose (tulpaforcing, narrating, etc.), or on accident (focusing on it a lot).