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    Hello there!
    I'm Thymian and I'm from Germany! My real name is Domenic and you can call me Domi/Dome or whatever you want. I am 18YO and I'm here because I want a Tulpa.

    So.. what can I more tell about me?
    Hmm.. I like Folk Music/Medieval Music, I am a big fan of the Medieval and I have a own horse named "Aline".

    If you have any questions, feel free to send me a PM and I will answer as early as possible.

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  1. Hello guys! I am 20..and I work at a horse stall, usually from 7am to 5pm. After travelling home, I am very exhausted and extreme tired. But.. I want to force. The problem is.. I feel very very tired and propably would sleep in while forcing. Do you guys have tipps for me? Any?
  2. I would like to help there, I could offer my help as a translator into another language (in that case it would be german), when it's finished.
  3. What's the goal for the experiment? Does it proove or disproove something?
  4. I consider it as a great idea. It would be a book, I am willing to buy cause it would be very interesting. The topic would getting closer to the people and to the people who are maybe interested in that topic at all.
  5. Thank you for your answers, I will try it.
  6. Hey Mancers and Tulpas out there! I have a big, a very big problem. I am a thinker. I never stopped thinking, I always think on something, I cant imagine a day where I didnt thought on something. Now..its very annoying while forcing, since I get always interrupted by thoughts. I ask my tulpa how she feels, and that leads me to another topic I think on and I think it far, till I realize ..that I wanted to force, not to think .. and the same cycle starts again. Does anybody have some tips for me, to prevent me from that? Its really annoying..
  7. Thank you for this tipp :3 Yeah.. I was never used to imagine things like this. Never done that before. I force active.. 30 Minutes per day. I do not have time for more active forcing :I
  8. Hello Guys & Girls & Tulpas, since I started to force my tulpa.. I found myself in a bad problem. I cant concentrate enough, I cant imagine a Image..long enough. Simply 1 Second, I can see it in my mind, than it dissapears. Same thing, with talking to my tulpa. I just cant keep my mind together. Everytime, my thoughts drive away..from the tulpa. Do you have some tipps for me, how I can deal with this? How I can improve this? Greets Thymian
  9. I tried this tone and I have to say, that my mind drifts less away, than without this tone. Good work Kaleki, really good work.
  10. That seems a nice Idea. If you dont mind, I'd like to be your personal test-guy who tests all the beats, because.. my conenctration is shitty as hell :D
  11. I dont have AD(H)D but I still lack on concentration, I will try it, if I am back from my work (stuck at work atm. ._.) I will tell you the outcome then :3
  12. I thank you so much guys :3 Anyways I am at the start of the tulpas and tonight I gonna try it to foce my tulpa again. Anyways, I have to thank you guys :3
  13. I found this site on a discussion between bronies. This discussion was about tulpas and I was kinda interested on that thing, so I searched for tulpa and found this page. After I read all, what a Tulpa can do and what a tulpa is, I thought my dream of love can come true, and now I'm here and I'm glad to met you all guys :3 Btw: First Post, Yay :3 Edith: Oh, I see. Spoilers are deactivated.. never mind. I still let it there, so everybody can see, it's offtopic.
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