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  1. What does mean "not to be a crazy person"? Do you think that people out there are normal? How anyone can be normal? What does that mean? The society has taught us that many things are not proper or childish or evil, sinful. Doesn't it make you unhappy? Do you want to do only things that are expected to be done? How do you feel having a tulpa? But without anyone's opinion, don't consider them at all. If you think having a tulpa is useful and entertaining or something good, why stop doing this? Yes, I had the same problem - "lol, what am I doing? It's kinda childish...". But I attached to my tulpa. It's my experience. It makes me happy. So, F**k anyone's opinion. Stay positive :)
  2. Hello! I have a question about feeling/noticing a tulpa - is this something usual that almost every tulpamancer can experience and is experiencing most the time or maybe it is something unusual, special? I’m sure and I know that Liv exists and we talk, but I can’t feel her by no means neither in real world nor in WL (I’m not talking about touch or something like that). I try to notice something alien, unusual, just to feel her, her presence but there’s nothing. I don’t complain. I just wonder if it will simply come by time or maybe I have to practice somehow or Liv just have to let me feel her. Just because of above sometimes when I’m really busy I forget about her, I forget that she exists. What do you think? Do you/how do you feel/notice your tulpa? Thanks :)
  3. Hmm... maybe someone could correct me because I'm not 100% sure - tulpa can sense everything with my own senses like taste, smell, touch... (in real time) when I do whatever I do, right (and I'm not talking about possession)? Or at least she can feel emotions while I'm doing something and when I'm feeling them, or just get them from my memory? If that's true, then she surely somehow can feel joy or something like that etc.?