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    Dunsmuir, California
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    Artist, avid writer, music enthusiast, and proud owner of a Vinyl Scratch (and still learning every day!).
    Learned about tulpas whilst doing silly Google searches about ghosts and creepypastas and the like. You can ask me every day, and I'll reply "yes, I am committed to owning a Tulpa. Even for the rest of my life. I don't think I can leave Vinyl now, I love her too much."
    I'm not afraid to touch upon "lustful" subjects, in fact I indulge upon them x3, and I'm generally a nice person to hang out with if you want to know me.
    I do have a Skype account, look me up as cooblu1. Any words, Vinyl?
    [Leave me alone Greg, I'm sleeping...]
    Well, Vinyl'll probably have some words for you sometime later. :3

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