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  1. I've known about Tulpa for months now but only recently decided to dedicate my time to actually making one. Scouring the web for guidance, I stumbled upon this site relatively quickly. After reading through several guides and skimming through others, I've determined that the Wonderland method would be the ideal way for me to start my journey into the mind. Being very much a scatterbrain, it would be nice to have sweet, serene place to think. But herein lies the problem; No matter how much I've read about it, I'm still not 100% sure what a wonderland is precisely. Whenever I meditate and visualize my own, personal "happy-place", my mind becomes plagued with questions. Am I doing it right? What's it supposed to be like? How long should it take the first time? I've casually spent my time the past few days trying to achieve a Wonderland but ultimately giving up after roughly a half-hour of arguable progress. For the most part I can handle these questions on my own, but one specific question stands prominent in my mind. Is being in a Wonderland like lucid dreaming? Is a Wonderland merely a thought meant to bring peace-of-mind, or should I expect to see things and experience them as I would in a dream? I have enough patience and self-control to answer my previous questions myself within my own time, but that specific one bothers me a lot when I'm trying to accomplish my goal. It's a little boring for my first post to be a plea for help, so I'll ask another simple question in hopes of sparking a bit more life to the conversation: what was your first Wonderland like? As for me, the area I think of when I meditate is a library, I find that my mind is more eager to accept a real setting rather than a surreal one.