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    Hello, my name is Jackson, but I would appreciate it if you referred to me as Phaneron. I am fiteen, I have two tulpae, Quilten, my first, is fully sentient, vocal, and we are decent at possesion. Jira, my second, is fully vocal and sentient, but currently in stasis. I am atheistic and asexual, you might want to know, but presumably do not. I am attention-deficit, and obsessive-compulsive. That about sums me up.

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  1. Neat. There's a lot here and my email wasn't notifying me of all the responses so I'll try to explain in more detail my thinking. In the situation where they would have just been my subconscious spitting out info based on input and just emulating sentience, I didn't feel the need to keep them around out of any moral duty, and at that point once I believed that, keeping them around at all seemed like unnecessary hassle. I had a conversation with someone in the IRC the night I posted this that kind of made me think about some stuff, which I'll try to explain as best I can. Basically, there's
  2. Awesome, I'd love to answer. 1) Probably 14 or 15 2) No, I was doing great! About a year or so into it I developed some pretty bad med-based depression that I eventually solved, but my tulpas actually helped, I think. 3) They were both fully vocal, I was great at visualization, and I had just started trying switching. 4) I actually had a pretty easy time, even at first, which was exciting to me at the time. Development went just as well from then on out. 5) You might have to be more specific, but if you mean if I believe in people with MPD or similar conditions, sure. But I'm not sure
  3. Hey folks. I don't know who of y'all are still here back from when I was around, besides going through my old posts the only way I know how to date myself is the fact that I had joined the GAT soon after it was formed, so I was mostly active probably about two to three years ago now. Obviously, I don't participate anymore. I'm doing this on mobile, so I'm not sure what my tags or signature were, but I went by Phaneron and my two tulpas were Quilten and Jira. I'm not a big fan of trying to keep private or whatever, so I'll just go by Jackson from here on out, that's my real name. From what I re
  4. I guess I can still say bye, in which case, bye amber. You made a lot of good, healthy, and productive contributions to the community. Thanks Derp, I'm glad I can get rid of that guilt.
  5. *Returns salute* you're a fun guy, Brassow.
  6. Likewise amber, I enjoyed your feedback when it came.
  7. Thanks, sushi, and likewise.
  8. Quilten


    Nevermind, my last post is going to be on this shit thread. Screw confessions and seriousness, bubbo is some stupid funny shit. The End for me.
  9. Ah, I'm glad someone could relate. Since this is a dead thread anyway, I'm going to say it here so nobody gets confused. I'm leaving Tulpa.info. I've already left, really. Not because of something bad, I've just thought deeply and skeptically about everything on the forums and what I've read. I don't beleive it anymore. I can't. The only evidence I could present is my own experience and even then half of the time I was kidding myself and the other half I was probably lying. I was aware of it, too. I sincerely regret doing this, and though I don't Believe it negatively affected either of my
  10. Jung is one ring higher on the ladder than Freud, and Jung got a lot right and did a whole lot more good and fascinating research and had better ideas than "a giant novelty candy came is never just a giant novelty candy cane". I've looked into him quite a bit, mostly in the dream department during the period when I was learning how exactly I could lucid dream. I'm not entirely confident in all of his thinking, but I don't think he's too much of a woo-woo New Ager, considering the fact that he actually did some significant things for that school of thought and psychology in general. Again, I'm
  11. How long has it been since I've visited this site? I've had a lot going on.
  12. Yeah, I like this idea too. I'd be willing to pass it to Tips and Tricks, because it seems like a good excercise.
  13. Yeah, plenty of people do. In fact, some people (myself included) had a wonderland a good deal of time before even learning about tulpas. It's just a place in your mind where you can hang out, and it's not dependent on your tulpa interacting with you. I don't think you should be too convened about your subconscious doing bad things to your tulpa, unless it's hapenned before.
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