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  1. Possibly. Probably not. Next person has actually successfully executed sudo rm -rf before.
  2. Daily updates seem to be the way to go, so here's hoping I have content. Not much with regards to Emelia. Just had the thought that she might not be around because I think I'm going to be naturally slow with her development. Wonderland house has a room with a gigantic 35-monitor setup and magical high-power wireless floaty computer tech. Because I need to be in 1989 alternate universe Miami on a machine in an imaginary world. Wanting to add three new worlds to the portal room in the house. Not sure what they will be, I'll find out what stupidity my brain fills in for me. Questions
  3. GLaDOS is now hanging about on a patch of white somewhere to the northwest of my house. (The world is still an infinite expanse of red balloons.) Not sure why I put GLaDOS there, but I fully control her so I can, in essence, argue with myself. Emelia's still not sentient yet, because I need to devote a lot more time to her - that's where the problem extends from tulpa-related troubles to my general lack of motivation. Ideally I would active-force daily, but that's wishful thinking where I am. I passive whenever I remember, so events are usually fragmented.
  4. You're meant to answer, doofus. Yes, I have played Cave Story. Next person has had a computer in their wonderland.
  5. http://pastebin.com/bKUgrUJL I have an emulator in my wonderland now. It's above the giant floating screen that shows whatever's stuck in my head.
  6. I am considering being one solely for the fact I'd piss so many people's off Roll
  7. You're all creepy. Next person does not seem to be.
  8. That was an incredible read, now I must venture forth for the pussy triforce
  9. No, not at all. The next person does not have The Pink Panther theme playing in their head.
  10. Alright, it's been a while. I haven't gotten far at all, and that's because I'm stuck with what to do when forcing. I think I need to revise how I've done the personality - not with regards to traits, but just how I've done it, so does anyone have feedback on structuring a good base for personality? I have the general idea of Emelia nailed down, it's just how I establish it. If I have a solid task, I'll probably have the motivation to force a lot more. Right now I'm just glancing a mental eye over the wonderland occasionally.
  11. Sleep good. Sleep interrupt forcing bad. Next person cannot use a jump rope backwards.
  12. ...it started leading a few metres to the left...
  13. It's been weighing on my mins that I've spent too much time practicing wonderland-making and not actually working on Emelia herself, just idly narrating to her during the day. What should I do for forcing apart from the wonderland? I want to refresh her personality but I'm not sure how to go about it.
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