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    I found this subject on Tumblr and stumbled onto the the site, and now here I am.

    My tulpa is a fox thing that looks kinda looks like a ninetales with only one tail. She's vocal and were working on imposition.

    She calls herself Ansaki.

    Another tulpa appeared and we agreed on mutual dissipation, But later he came back. His form looks like a darkrai. He's interested in books and reading my "library of memories". Were also working with possession.

    He calls himself Shade.
  1. as in just taking pictures, yes. Nothing professional though. Next person Doesn't care how often and/or soon they post.
  2. Friend showed me a tulpa creepypasta story and I looked it up. Now here I am
  3. Drawing of my Tulpas I made on a tablet.
  4. A: boredom Q: what is your main purpose for living at the moment
  5. ma nigga ______ are gonna get in again!
  6. bee's appear in your stomach cavity and make a hive in your insides I wish this wish had no harmful effects at all.
  7. You get your wish as a truck one day comes over to your house and dumps its load of black shirts and stripp ties on you while your outside, crushing you to death I wish tulpas became corporeal
  8. Neckbeard? Why can't we have this __________?
  9. Yes, very Next person will try to post in a different thread... and fail.
  10. violently raped are we gonna _______ yet?
  11. Nope, two. Next person will ask the next next person to answer a meaningful question
  12. Reasons 1. Summer boredom 2. Fascination
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