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  1. as in just taking pictures, yes. Nothing professional though. Next person Doesn't care how often and/or soon they post.
  2. Friend showed me a tulpa creepypasta story and I looked it up. Now here I am
  3. Drawing of my Tulpas I made on a tablet.
  4. A: boredom Q: what is your main purpose for living at the moment
  5. ma nigga ______ are gonna get in again!
  6. bee's appear in your stomach cavity and make a hive in your insides I wish this wish had no harmful effects at all.
  7. You get your wish as a truck one day comes over to your house and dumps its load of black shirts and stripp ties on you while your outside, crushing you to death I wish tulpas became corporeal
  8. Neckbeard? Why can't we have this __________?
  9. Yes, very Next person will try to post in a different thread... and fail.
  10. violently raped are we gonna _______ yet?
  11. Nope, two. Next person will ask the next next person to answer a meaningful question
  12. Reasons 1. Summer boredom 2. Fascination
  13. Not worth a damn Next person will watch episode one of attack on titan
  14. (Occasionally) (Next person will answer this question: Why does one feel the need to proclaim self-accomplishments?)
  15. ...the pointlessness of making pointless stories...
  16. nope, male Next person is hungry but doesn't want to get up for a snack
  17. ...who like ice cream and enjoy...
  18. Yes, very much. Next person is doing something that can be considered important.
  19. If I can't be tracked down, then yes Q: What is your tulpa thinking about at the moment?
  20. Nope Next person has a strange quirk that they will explain
  21. Not really. Next person watches Attack on Titan.