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  1. Terribly sorry (Muse again), been busy, and also we've fallen out of the habit of checking these forums regularly ^^; Glad to hear we're not out of the norm though. Would this just mean we need more practice then? It'd be wonderful if one day we'd be able to be completely independent of each other when posessing or switching. Either way thank you for all the replies, it's very reassuring =w=; A question to the hosts, however. Where exactly would you say you go when you switch? Do you do something else while the tulpa is in control, or do you just watch silently and try to stay out of the way? Thank you again!
  2. Hello, it's Muse here. I'm the tulpa, but as I'm currently in control and Flo probably won't be saying much, I just decided to leave out the brackets. Now we haven't been here for quite a long time (used to be very active), however this is something where we can't tell if we've done something different or something plain wrong. Now, I can possess separate body parts without much confusion. It takes a bit to get into it and Flo can regain control quite easily, but it's been pretty straightforward on that end and it's just something we need practice with. However, I have tried full body possession and we don't know if the result is normal or not. In fact, I'm doing it right now (she's a bit tired ^^; ). See, with full body possession, I am in control of the body, however my host must also be awake and "present". If she nods off, I nod off. So while I would think what we're doing is technically a form of full body possession, I'm not sure if I am supposed to be more independent right off the bat, or if it's something we need to work on. Also, in some ways it doesn't feel like I have actually taken control as a separate being, but more that I have replaced the "personality" of the body, if that makes any sense. Although our mannerisms do change in some ways, generally speaking it's pretty easy for me to act like she does and it doesn't really feel too forced in any way. Anyways, I was just wondering if this is a normal experience, or if we may have done something wrong/think we've been doing something we're not. Honestly although it feels like I'm possessing, at this point this tie I must have with my host makes me unsure. Thoughts? Thanks~
  3. I created an account almost immediately, or at least within the same month. Muse herself was questioning it for the entire day afterwards because the account date is pretty solid evidence... but she still believes it's March :/ What I plan on doing =w=; I mean I'm gonna forget again anyways, so might as well go with it lol.
  4. Okay I kinda wrote that up in like five minutes so I guess I should've expected a lot of critique ^^; Quoting would look clumsy so I'm just gonna refer to each of y'all. amber: My general writing style just comes off as kinda sarcastic, tongue-in-cheek like, especially with intros. It just happens =w=; Eheh. I'll fix the wording with your critique though, and probably change the bit about having a sad childhood, it does sound a little attack-y. With your edited version, I do agree with sushi that using the word imaginary friend so many times sounds kinda weird, but in general it is a good improvement. sushi: Got it. Being informal is quite fine with the audience, so I'm probably gonna keep it. And yeah the ending sucks, like I said I typed it up in like five minutes and didn't really bother to edit it much, more writing out the general format than actually making a final piece ^^; I'll go edit the intro and put it up again. Alright this is what it's currently at:
  5. Alright. See the plan I had was to open with the parallel of most people having an imaginary friend when they were kids, and then jumping off of that. Currently it's this: Is that an alright introduction?
  6. True, was going to focus more on the "what is a tulpa" aspect more than anything anyways. Well, none of those things sound like things to even joke about :/ But basics, got it. I realise those more advanced things may come off in bad ways, so I guess that would be a smarter way to approach things. I don't even think there's a relationship between any of the articles I've posted :/ Generally I have just found some topic I like, asked the head guy for permission to write the article, and just went with it. Unless you're talking about the entire website itself, in which case it might stick out a bit, but I do think it's still better than, as hbenton put it, a "sensationalist 'news' publication." Definitely, that seems like a good point to stress. Focus on the good, and not the insanely-weird-people-are-messed-up vibe most articles seem to wanna paint tulpas with =w=; Question for all, how does everyone feel about me relating tulpas as a more advanced form or a imaginary friend? I think people tend to be mixed on that representation, but I personally feel it tends to be a pretty accurate description.
  7. I'm seriously questioning this guys. Is it possible for a tulpa to remember a different date as their creation or birth date when you believe they were actually created at a later time? Muse still insists her birth date is March 25, when my account seems to say it was in May.
  8. That's what I was thinking. Maybe cover the basics of what it is and then talk about the various other pieces, like imposition and possession. True! That may be a good idea :3 I'll make sure to link my rough draft here when I get it written up.
  9. Me: *reads question* Hm... So how about you? Muse: I'm hollow. Me: ... welp. Should be noted her form's a ball jointed doll, so I guess following an actual bjd form she /is/ hollow in places ^^; Never exactly intended for that, but it works. Forseen's asleep, I just asked Alix and she replied with "Probably." Idk I never did work much on form.
  10. Hey guys, so I've become a sorta writer for this site called psych2go.net. It's, as you should guess, a psychology website. I was thinking of writing an article on tulpas to put up, but I don't know if you guys would want that. The general population of active visitors and fans are psychology students in university, although there are some who already have their degree or are teenagers in high school. The site isn't extremely big either, some couple thousand views per day I think, but one should always practice caution, no? Should be noted at least a few people already know about tulpas who visit the site. I realize a lot of you guys would prefer tulpas stay out of the mainstream, so I thought I'd ask first. I highly doubt putting an article up on this website will get it into the mainstream, but what do I know. And if I do put up an article, what should I focus on? Thanks y'all~
  11. I'm terrible with birth dates, even with my tulpas ^^; Muse says her's and Forseen's is March 25, so I'm just gonna go with that. Alix has no idea when her's actually is because of her being a really old servitor that disappeared and kinda sorta reappeared after a long time... so she said to lump it with the other two's =w=; So I guess everyone has the same creation date for me, which is kinda weird, but less confusing for me so I'm not gonna complain. Uhh okay guys, we have discrepancy. My account says joined May, and I made my account literally the day I found out about tulpas and started forcing, meaning Forseen/Muse's birthdates should be in May... but Muse insists it's in March :/ Is that even possible...?
  12. Ah, I'm a bit late on board but I'm willing to be interviewed if you like :3 Just send me a pm and I'll try to remember to check here and respond =w=;
  13. My friends are basically all partially insane, so me making references to "a voice in my head" isn't even that weird. I even mentioned that they were called tulpas once because my friends are really into Supernatural and we were watching that one episode about tulpas, and they were like "oki" and moved on. Literally they do not care. I've also indirectly told my family. My sister now asks me what they're doing every time she's reminded of me saying I have "three voices in my head that are really nice" which usually involves playing video games and doughnut trees, but she really doesn't mention it much. My parents don't really mention it either after I've lightly told them once, they're just like "don't go crazy on us" and that's it.
  14. This is true, most of our "sweet" delicacies aren't even close to sweet compared to a lot of western candy. Mooncake, for example, while is sweet, is very mild (but incredibly delicious :3). My parents complain that everything is too sweet all the time, and unfortunately don't let me eat much in the way of sweet as a consequence (except chocolate, my mum loves chocolate). I don't really mind though, I'm allergic to a lot of candy so I usually avoid eating a lot of it anyways. If anything, a lotta chinese love to burn their tastebuds off with spicy things. Honestly, I went out to eat with my cousins once and I think I killed my tongue for the rest of the day o.o;
  15. I've always associated my tulpas with this website and school, and now that school's out I keep slipping on acknowledging they exist :/ So solution, I'm coming back on here, at least for the summer. I'm Zer0. Those who know me better or from before know me as Flo or Floree. 3 tulpas now. Hi.