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  1. Doesn't sound like you are puppeting her, and I don't seem why you are worrying so much. Seems like you're just having the usual paranoia that comes with creating a tulpa. Even if you were, puppeting is not as harmful as the old way of thought had made it seem, and in some cases is very helpful. I know this is basically what ever guide has said about puppeting, but this is the truth. Don't worry about puppeting, just let it go, and carry on.
  2. Well it seems your tulpa is now taking control over its form, so I recommend that you try not to force the same appearance on your tulpa and simply go with whatever you see.
  3. It sounds plausible, I mean if you believe she is sentient and vocal, then I believe she's already wanting to become independent which I find very interesting. I've had your experience with the face being very hard to keep concrete, but I found that it was simply because visualizing the face was very hard for my mind's eye at the stage.
  4. My method for achieving the trance is pretty much like floating in water. Like floating, you simply cease all movement (in this case turn off your mind and don't think), but at the same time you don't focus on ceasing all movement (i.e. don't make a big deal out of dissipating thoughts, just let them float on by till they leave) or else you'll end up sinking. This method should allow you to be able to hit the trance. I usually "experience" my wonderland at the same time along or after this method to help make my wonderland more vivid. If you don't understand anything I said or need more details, feel free to ask.
  5. If you do get some advice and find it helpful, please make sure to let us know. I find that your situation is very common among tulpamancers and I really have no clue as to how to help them with this problem.
  6. I'll join in on this too, this seems like it would be fun and allow my tulpa, Rubi, to talk to someone else besides me. PM us or hit us up on Tumblr.
  7. I always found it nice to have a tulpa with you during school. I would always teach to and study with my tulpa as a way not only to help myself learn the concepts better, but also as a way to spend some time with my tulpa. I just can't really understand how you wouldn't have your tulpa "be with you" during a very long, unexciting (assuming you're not the type who finds it exciting) part of your life. What problems exactly are you facing?
  8. Not at all, what really matters is how constructive the perspective you take is. If 3rd person is the most comfortable and helpful way for you to force and interact with tulpa, then by all means continue on with that perspective.
  9. Your tulpa may see things you may not be focusing on or don't notice in your FOV, but beyond that tulpas cannot see a thing unless you like to hold a strong belief in tulpas being ethereal.
  10. Pre-Imposition, what do you believe is the way your tulpa experiences the world through you? Do you believe that every sense you experience, your tulpa experiences it as well? Do you believe you have to allow your tulpa to experience a sense? Do you just believe they can't experience any senses until later on? Or is there some other belief you have?
  11. If you believe they're ethereal beings they will probably make up something, but if you believe they're just hallucinations then they will obviously say nothing.
  12. Very nice, I really like the "letters to tulpa" idea, such a simple idea but i can see how helpful it is. Do you ever plan to include imposition in your guide?
  13. Stick it on the Tulpa page on ED if you want it on some wiki so badly. I'm surprised it's not even up there yet.
  14. Here is some very important advice. Narrate! Narrate! Narrate! If you're going to create a tulpa then for the love of everything narrate to it. I don't care how many times you've been told to do this, but narration plays a huge role in the development of your tulpa (just look at the tulpa surveys). Unless you want to make some slow progress narrate to it as much as possible. With that said, best of luck to you two.
  15. >Does it mean he is not sentient yet? Well it depends, do you believe he is sentient? Do you expect him to be sentient? I hate to answer your question with questions, but I want to get the point across that how sentient your tulpa is is based on your belief and expectations. If you want your tulpa to become sentient then change-up your expectations and beliefs. When you force, expect your tulpa to do random things that you wouldn't make them do during sessions. When you narrate to him expect a response, believe that he hears you and is trying to communicate with you. Your beliefs and expectations are a key role to how much time it takes to create your tulpa. >Is it a common problem that'll get better with time and practice? Yes it is, and there are many guides out there to help increase your ability to visualize. I think JD1215's guide ( might be worth taking a glance. It may take some time, I know it did for me, but you should soon be able to visualize your tulpa's action with ease as you practice more often. >Is there a way to keep myself motivated? You're creating a companion who is closer to you than any other person can be in this whole world. A companion will always be there by your side to help you, to love you, and to cheer you up on your dark days. A companion who you can never get tired of, who'll always have interesting things to say, and funny jokes to make. The days you will spend with them will make the time and effort you put in now well worth it, so what are you waiting for? Do it for the bright future you will have with your tulpa. >Do you have any suggestions to help my current situation? I would suggest to make forcing sessions a daily thing. Forcing sessions are what helps you and your tulpa make great progress, it's how you and your tulpa will spend time together and how you'll be able to give them your full attention. I think that making these sessions weekly is a not a great idea simply because you'll starve your tulpa of attention causing very low amounts of progress to made. Also narrate, narrate, narrate, narrate. This is a VERY important step that you shouldn't get lazy with.