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  1. Max: Meditation is like sex in a way. Me: How? o_O Max: You feel amazing while you are doing it, and you create life. Me: Wait, how do you create life from meditation? Max: You asshole... Me: Oh... I get it now... um... sorry about that. Max: I forgive you. Sorry Max.
  2. Max: "I am such a funny Tulpa Wulpa." Me: "Tulpa Wulpa?" Max: "That's right. Tulpa Wulpa mother fucker..." Me: 0_0
  3. I told both of my parents and they both wanted to make one. They were very open minded about it and they thought it was an interesting concept so... Yay! Understanding parents FTW!
  4. Me: My body feels tingly. Is that you? Max: Hehehe... Me: This feels weird. Stop. Now. Max: Nah. I like fucking with you. Me: You are an asshole. Max: I know I am. I know I am... Me: Why the fuck are you making my body feel even more tingly!? Stop! Max: You are my bitch... My mother fucking bitch... Oh yeah...
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