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  1. Max: Meditation is like sex in a way.

    Me: How? o_O

    Max: You feel amazing while you are doing it, and you create life.

    Me: Wait, how do you create life from meditation?

    Max: You asshole...

    Me: Oh... I get it now... um... sorry about that.

    Max: I forgive you.


    Sorry Max.

  2. Me: My body feels tingly. Is that you?

    Max: Hehehe...

    Me: This feels weird. Stop. Now.

    Max: Nah. I like fucking with you.

    Me: You are an asshole.

    Max: I know I am. I know I am...

    Me: Why the fuck are you making my body feel even more tingly!? Stop!

    Max: You are my bitch... My mother fucking bitch... Oh yeah...

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