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    The will to break rules and challenge established modes of thought is the most important quality of those that would bring any sort of change to this world.

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  1. My method has a similar inclusion of visual metaphor. 1 - I instruct Genesis to attempt to dampen or stop the sensation. 2 - I basically stop and force for a few seconds to visualize something happening to the source of my pain and making that sensation disappear. 3 - Genesis does something in my head that dampens the pain. Maybe an endorphin rush. I'm not terribly sure.
  2. Posted on May 7, 2013 by Amadeus Evening, ladies and gentlemen (and Pronas.) Some people know me as Kyle. Old /x/ lurkers might recognize a horror writer Priest who wrote a story about the end of the world, and later developed a story for a video game about plague doctors. The community of tulpa.info will recognize me as Amadeus, former moderator/administrator, popular site artist, and host of a number of memorable thoughtforms. Reports of my death have been widely exaggerated. I joined the site last year around this time and originally corresponded directly with Dane (FAQ_Ma
  3. Yes, you can do it. In fact, you don't need a tulpa to do it. But it helps. I find a servitor more fitting for pain blocking. The simpler mental construct appears to be able to process things like that for me much easier than a sentient entity. It doesn't work well for pain from headaches or swelling or anything, but Genesis can apply a sufficient numbness if I needed it for an injury. I'm in no rush to test just how much pain you can block, but I've had some nasty accidents at work before and it's always helped to make pain faint and acute. In my experience, servitors have
  4. Thread stickied, because it's a good point. I will pass on the opportunity to self-promote art requests because I don't have much time for them anymore.
  5. Member: Fede-lasse Action: Banned Reason: Fede still has yet to follow the rules of these community forums and the moderation team is sick of dealing with things like this on a daily basis: The following are posts in the last short while posted by Fede. They all have been reported as warranted with the reason as "off topic post" or "harassment" or whatever is appropriate. --- Your life is ruined. --- This ban will no
  6. The shoutbox is now dead.
  7. For a comparison, here is what the shoutbox was like in its infancy: It's clear just how much has changed. Something needs to be done here. One of a couple important differences that Phi neglected to mention in the above quote is that the IRC is moderated in order to give the user base as a whole a better experience. With the limits on the shoutbox, that can't happen with any sort of efficiency. Also the IRC doesn't tax our site resources like the shoutbox appears to. The shoutbox is dead, and I know there's going to be quite a few disappointed users, but it had to be do
  8. I apologize, but the art shop is closed again. I don't have time to offer artwork anymore.
  9. I'm eager to know if the contest concluded and to see the other submissions.
  10. Jimmy is temporarily banned from the forums for publicly posting personal, identifying information about another user without their consent. The duration of the ban is being debated, but will very likely be temporary.
  11. Well, the holiday season has played havoc with my time, but I've finished and uploaded requests for Serenade, RiserEmilioX and MaskedTulpa.
  12. What is that, the French translation? Because in English it means "I'll accept it and definitely be motivated to draw it quickly." I'm just going to have to keep track of it better.
  13. It definitely won't hurt your chances.
  14. Tonight is the night for updates, and so I've added Eva and Flora for Avalanche, Stan for bearycool, and Pinkie (clothed, and tastefully otherwise) for probablycrazy. There's also some art I did for requests in other threads - a sketch of Kiara for Tyrane, and some art for Maya's contest.
  15. Amadeus

    Requsting Art

    Here's a little something I drew based on your sketch.
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