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  1. First question: How can I help remember my Tulpa? The main reason developing my tulpa is hard for me is because I keep on forgetting about her. Second question: What should my tulpa do when she's in a situation where being near me isn't convenient? The two places I do remember her most of the time are the bed and the shower. However, those are also the two most inconvenient places for both of us. What would be the alternative to showering and sleeping with my tulpa?
  2. Here's an idea for those who can't draw well or want to use a more photo-realistic reference without basing it directly on a real person: Design your tulpa in The Sims 3 (or the demo if you don't have and don't feel like buying the game), take a screenshot and print it out.
  3. This is somewhat useful. I thought I shouldn't focus on the other senses until I got sight perfect.
  4. I've visuallized an appearance for my Tulpa, Pink Cake, given her a personality and sentience and we do many things together. What I'm aiming to do now is see her as if she was really there. I've read many guides on imposition, yet I never seem to have the time to do most of them regularly. What's the best imposition method for someone who's busy and has little patience?