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  1. I am an "artist" and because of that I create new creatures or characters to draw. Ix was born for drawing reasons before tulpaness. I have another character demanding to be drawn and demanding my attention. So here's the question. Can a tulpa be formed without your conscious knowledge? Can it demand attention in order to live?
  2. Was taking a road trip to Indiana for a Judas Priest concert and while in the front passenger seat I saw a sign that read "Ix". I got a weird sensation all over, mind and body, and jotted it down for later. After the concert (which was awesome, of course) I drew a new character which I name Ix. That character later became an obsession which became my now present Tulpa.
  3. Hello all. Been lurking for weeks now before officially joining. You can call me Doodle for short if need be or copy and paste, what ever suits you. Been tulpaforcing for almost two weeks now. Got the form down and got my first "alien" thought yesterday. Started hearing him now and again walking behind me at work (tiled floors his back feet are hooved). Anywho Hi! and he is my avatar XD