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  1. Well, tried more possession work last night but I was too tired to really even think straight so I apologized to Jenny and went to bed. Her voice sounds like my mindvoice and is very faint, usually only answering in quick blurbs as I finish a sentence of a question. Very hard to tell apart from my own thought processes. Here's a relevant quote:
  2. Does anyone have any stories or posts they can link to for a good read? I'm very interested in this. I'm also too lazy to search for 'possession' and filter through pages and pages of content until I find full-body possession. Also, this is pretty much what I plan to do with Jenny, because I find imposed hallucinations pointless.
  3. Has anyone here ever tried having your tulpa possess your whole body and walk around/interact and such for half a day or longer at a time? Or at all?
  4. My tulpa's name is Jenny, which I believe she picked herself because I never really ever use the name and know no one with it. It came out of friggin' nowhere. I'm aiming to make her formless, as full-body possession and switching are my goals. Walking around with a hallucination that can't touch anything seems rather selfish to me, as half of the miracles in life are made up of sight, sounds, and textures I'm very feeling-oriented (forgot the right term), so half my memories consists of the texture of the object or environment it occured in. Anyway, I've just done narration the last couple days. Tried possession yesterday evening of my right hand by me completely relaxing it and isolating it, but the most we got was a few tingly sensations and a single twitch. Eventually I got tired and went to bed, as I did this at night. I'm on vacation in Nevada, so I narrated during the 30 mile bike ride I did today.