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  1. So they kinda see whatever the forcer sees?
  2. Thanks for the tip Domnopalus. I'll try and send it round for you.
  3. I don't why I'm going to tell you this (it probably has something to do with none of you actually knowing me) but I've very recently been through a state of depression where I would be crying for no particular reason and I would be physically and verbally abusing myself. My friends were really worried about me and one of my best friends introduced me to tulpae to take my mind off of things. She explained how if I put in enough dedication that it would help me mentally. I'm lucky because my friends are really understanding and when I told a few about Alex they said that they were happy that It'd taken my mind off of hurting myself. I told my other best friend and she said that she was happy that I'd found someone that I could "spill my guts to" (not literally mind you '-') and would completely and utterly understand. I was lucky. No, I am lucky. Explain to your friends how it helps you mentally and how much it can change your perspective of life. They're amazing. And I'm proud of everyone who is putting dedication and love into your tulpae.
  4. I think it's completely appropriate. You can't be with your tulpa 24/7 ( it's completely unhealthy; you'd be tired all the time and so over worked especially those of us with school or uni/tafe/college) so they may get lonely sometimes (though don't blame yourself for that). If they want another friend around I don't see the problem but like Semi-Nomadic said, you have to inform your tulpa that they are is responsible for their tulpa's well being.
  5. K That's so sweet. Alex laughs when she sees pigeons and pellicans.
  6. But yeah, Kristina's beautiful and I thought "why not?"
  7. I used her as a model. And you're on Pinterest?
  8. Everyone's journey is different. I've been researching for two months and started with Alex today three weeks ago and Alex is just standing there staring. I know someone who made a fully sentient tulpa in a week and a half. A thing I'm doing now is puppeting with my tulpa and visualizing her along side me when I'm going places. It helps alot with visualizing my wonderland as well.
  9. I would say "Creation Age" and "Visual Age".
  10. Oh, cool thanks. I've also been imagining Alex holding my hand whilst I'm walking. If I want to look at her I just imagine her there.
  11. Haha. No. My friend's dad is a police investigator and he does the sketches and my aunt paints so all I had to do was explain what I wanted her to look like. :) Another lady also bought the painting for a clothing store. Damn, I wish I could draw though...
  12. Hey, just a question, I haven't really started the whole wonderland bit completely yet but I'm starting to visualize Alex's physical emotions and body language. Does this count as puppeting? And is it bad that I do this?
  13. I have a normal home and a holiday home so when I'm not at home I'll use it as my wonderland. When I'm at home I'll use my holiday home as my wonderland and sometimes I'll even use school. On a short note, I just use a place that I'm familiar with, but that I'm not at. I find that if I use my home as my wonderland whilst I'm at home, It's terribly hard to concentrate because of other people being there. I don't know if that helps, it's just easiest to visualize fo me.
  14. Just checked out the website and the idea is really good. When you do this, another thing that you can do is each time the number changes, the colour or pattern of the number changes as well. Just an idea to stop it from getting too boring. :)
  15. Well ever since I was little I've wanted a little sister and to me, Alex is like a sister. Her age would be around 7 years old I guess, if you put it exact.