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  1. Piggybacking. Picture Yoda on Luke. Telling him what to do where to go. Okay, not quite like that. When a tulpa/alter is in a semi possessing state. It's not a soft merge, because whomever is being piggybacked off of does not realize it's going on most of the time. It's something I would refer to as soft possession. It's nothing overt, it's more like subtle pushes in one way or another. Trying to get you to think a certain way or do a certain thing. Or just to share in an experience that possessing or switching would interrupt things. We were talking about that this morning, seemed
  2. Don't even know what to title this post. Lilly. Such a small word, such a beautiful flower.(my favorite in fact) Such massive meaning for this system. So last night where forcing session turned into consoling Sweetie because she was upset about something.(privacy has been requested) When Trixie started rushing around like something was wrong. Did the whole control room complete panic red lights, alarms, hitting every button in the place 10 times just to make sure. Then everything took on a yellow tinge. Massive crackling electricity and sweetie explodes. Or rather, something exp
  3. Things as always with life are a bit up and a bit down, but having a handle on yourself is invaluable. Now it's more life making things difficult rather than our own internal struggle doing so. Which makes things easier to take. When the biggest argument is what game we are going to play today, or who is going to front while we are by ourselves at work. It really can't be all that bad right? Granted, everything isn't peachy, but how often do you get that in life anyway? You take the good when you can, deal with the bad when you can't, and keep on trucking. Thank you for your well wis
  4. They are. Both use my voice in a much higher register for one. Sweetie is hella bouncy and silly. I guess Trixie is more of a no nonsense female version of me. So that might work out. But she doesn't like the idea of having to hide herself like some sort of dirty secret(her words). Not saying it can't work. Just that it couldn't for us.
  5. I could never keep it secret. I don't like secrets anyway. Certainly not something of this magnitude. Sweetie is wanting to switch and front all day now at least as much as is reasonable. Even if I didn't say anything. My wife would be able to tell somethings up. She can't tell the difference between Sweetie and Trixie yet, but that's mostly because Trixie doesn't want to front much. She can absolutely tell whether it's me or not up front though. And yes, you always have to gauge the audience with something like this. Especially if people have prior experience with it like that. Some people
  6. It's absolutely a case by case basis. Though in my case it didn't particularly go against what you are saying. At first my then girlfriend now wife had a really huge problem with it. But it was mainly due to her ex husbands schizophrenia and his blaming of that to do awful things. Now we are married, everything is completely fine. Even if it wasn't at first. I would however be very guarded about telling any of my other friends. Because they don't live me with, and they hardly need to know something quite so intimate about me. Sure you are going to have people either be completely dismiss
  7. We don't know what to think. But it's 100% fact that just because someone has a voice in their head talking to them does not automatically make that voice a tulpa. Some people are just like that. If it interferes with day to day life we as a people usually slap a "disorder" tag on there and try and get you via counseling or medication back into a normal life. This sounds super complicated and we're not really sure what to suggest other than make sure you yourself are okay. Possibly get your friend to post on here so we can get their side of it. It's really hard to solve any kind of prob
  8. I don't think we did either. Things are really going spectacularly this time around. And I'm glad my tulpa bugged me into making this thread after all. Even though at first it seemed kind of silly and idk...."look at me look at me!" I don't know why just knowing your aren't alone in something like this matters so much. But it really does. Thanks to everyone again for responding. It really helped.
  9. What are we Indeed? Your situation at first sounds pretty similar to mine. At a very early age I discovered an imaginary friend that I could talk to. In our case she prefered to speak to me through our mouth. And that's where our story ended in my early life. We talked in front of stepdad# who knows, I know the dudes name but it hardly matters. He decided the best way to get that stuff to stop was batting my head around between his hands. Over and over again. I was like...3? 4? I don't really remember it happening I do remember telling the other portion of my family why he gave me thos
  10. Dreams. Hardly remembered, but nonetheless all seem to be linked. I never dream of anywhere new. Every dream ive been able to remember has taken place in specific areas. These areas themselves may change over time but it's always the same areas. Cityscape Wilderness Beach/River. (River leading down onto beach) BlackBerry forest. Cityscape is basically a conglomeration of all of the different city type areas that I've ever been in. My own home is somewhere on the outskirts of it. The main part of it never seems to change but the outlying areas seem to shift depending on what season
  11. I guess the best way to think of it is in a very real sense they are you. Doing anything negative to you would also impact them in a negative sense. And if you are at the state of this that I think you're at I would just chalk those thoughts up to your worries rather than your tulpa. How long have you been trying this?
  12. First off and most important is to calm down. Take slow and steady breaths spaced a few seconds apart until you can get a hold on Whatever anxiety may be experiencing. Worrying over anxiety just creates a loop that increases exponentially as you worry about it. Also. Kind of the point of this whole thing is to get your imagination to do things that you don't expect. I have a question though. Why are you so sure that it's going to be bad? Has something happened? Recently or in the past that would lead you to believe that it would be bad and not something that's good?
  13. Minecraft: the novice switchers tool.... Apparently. Yesterday Sweetie wanted to play minecraft because of the new update. After we found a really cool place with a lake and giant mushrooms Sweetie said it was like a fairy land. Sweetie wanted to switch in and play. We have been practicing quite a bit and it's almost effortless for either of them to come forward now. The problem, as it has always been was me. I didn't know how to NOT think. I have seen the post about complex thought but until yesterday I didn't really understand it. Or rather, what the difference was. Every time be
  14. Okay. We've been doing a lot of thinking and experimenting, switching slowly and we think we might have found a way to help you guys with switching. Since you have said visualization and symbolism and things like that don't work on your end I will try and explain it with as little as possible. Though admittedly it's how we have done basically everything. I don't know if any of you have ever acted like in a play or something like that, but the route I'm going to try and explain goes down that road. So if that doesn't really work either I apologize in advance. You have to put your sta
  15. We have found that forcing right before sleep helps us fall asleep faster. Which may not be the best for starting out but it's more than enough for us day to day. It's generally the only active forcing we ever do anymore because it's a time that will always be there and very very rarely will be interrupted. Otherwise passive forcing as often as possible all day long when not practicing switching or something similar. We wake up and say our goodmornings, and then prep for work(during the week) talking about our plans for the day, or discuss the dream we had if it was remembered.(almost n
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