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    I take the life as it comes, and I don't complicate things more.

    Oh, by the way, my mother language isn't English, so please correct me if I'm wrong. :3
  1. Ehm... Sorry to ask (maybe it's just tiredness, maybe not), but what do you mean exactly by : Previous revision ? Which one is it ? The one from the July 12th ? I've checked, and I think I can tell everything is translated in the version uploaded yet. (september 2013 version, see on the first page of it). So, as I said, maybe I'm just derping on the wrong thing, but could you just tell me what you mean ? ^^
  2. Shoot, I havn't the exclusivity anymore x) When reading all the messages, I was wondering : why does this guide feels for so much people one of the best ? Must be something...