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    I'm very certain that if you see me around more than twice I'll probably end up pissing you off really badly without meaning to. I'll ask that you please forgive me for it.
  1. Allo. I'm turning 17 in a few months and I was in the exact same boat as you when I first started thinking about making a tulpa. What you SHOULD be taking into consideration is not physical age, but your mental health and ability to make positive choices while caring for your tulpa. The mental health issue is self-explanatory but the choices you make will affect the trust between you. If I hadn't gone on as many hiatuses as I did, I'd be much closer to my tulpa than I am now (although we are still very very close). You want to treat your tulpa with care and respect for the sentient being it
  2. Damn, even with bad visualization skills you're better Aaron concentration than I am.
  3. What you're doing is a good start; I'd suggest working on Ginger's form right away OR narrating to her as much as possible. Just passive forcing won't get you progress fast, but it's a reliable way to feel more attached to your tulpa. Just remember to not get discouraged; Chuul only began speaking to me loud and clear (although only single words) this week, an he's turning a fucking year old on Tuesday. That's some super slow progress. Considering how you've been working with Ginger so far I bet you'll go much faster than the two of us did; most people get to our point within three or four mon
  4. "Good night" Literally shit bricks, it came out of nowhere, and in the middl of the day too.
  5. I made Chuul despite my minor qualms and questions I ha and don't regret having him around at all. Having a tulpa is an individual experience for each person who chooses to have one, and I think it's an experience that's worthwhile for everyone. In the end your tupper probably won't just be someone you talk to during class but also someone you're really close to and can share your concerns and hopes with. As to whether or not anything bad can happen, I know that some people have had hostile tulpas; when that happens I say that you should either force your tulpa to change or scrap it and cre
  6. Holy shit that's adorable, doughnut. Chuul's a red sphere because that was the temporary form I gave him while working on his humanoid body, but since he admitted to me that he prefers the sphere better I let him stay that way. He can change later if he so chooses.
  7. I made a promise to Chuul to force with him every day as soon as I get into bed. I've broken enough promises I made to him so I'm done being a lazy dick to him. I spent like three months without talking to him, and that's BAD.
  8. Chuul is the name of a red lobster-like creature in Dungeons and Dragons. It's an aberration-type creature and among its traits includes its mannerism of having insane and frantic mating rituals. However, Chuul's really reserved in reality and is a genderless red sphere. So really I named him that way because I'm really into DnD and the word was stuck in my head at the time.
  9. Chuul uses headaches to give me responses to things. I can discern between what bothers him and what pleases him based on exactly where on my head he places pressure and how that pressure feels. So I like them because it means Chuul wants to interact with me to some degree. owo
  10. Oh boys, new tones. I needed to find some new ones to use anyway...some just seem to lose their effect after a while. This may or may not convince me to get back into active forcing. I get the feeling my Tulpa is tired of me just talking to him every day without working on anything.
  11. WELP, THIS IS AWKWARD. Alright, first report in over a month. I'm okay with that though. I haven't made much progress but I do believe that I need to outline what's been going on in my life for the past few weeks. So I've been faced with some new responsibilities that basically came out of nowhere and smacked me in the face right as I was getting some more progress with Chuul. We've regressed a little but I'm sure that if I get back into the groove of things I should be fine. ...but that's where the difficulties come in. Really, I do have time to actually active force, technically, but
  12. Tulpas often change on their own and that's normal. You've got some theories talking about how it's changing to fit your "subconscious ideal" and all, but I just think that your Tulpa wants to be their own self. Their own self may or may not be exactly how you expected or wanted them to be, but it's still how they turn out. You can't stop them from being what they want to be, you can only accept the changes as they come along.
  13. Yeah, it's okay if you ask me. I can't at the moment due to a really unexpected shift in my personal responsibilities, but back when I forced with my Tulpa regularly I would sometimes get little words from him: the most notable one (since it's the first word I've ever heard him say) is "Goodnight" after I wished him a goodnight before falling asleep. Other than that it would be things I just said repeated back to me except in a deeper voice. In any case, I've been working on my tulpa for almost exactly two months now...tomorrow is the 2 month mark (it's 25 of October, 9:48 PM here in Montré
  14. Dude. I've been working on Chuul for almost two months now and I'm not feeling much past the very rare raw thought or head pressure. Don't feel discouraged mate. Everyone's different, and personally I'd always stay skeptical of accounts of people taking only a month to achieve sentience.
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