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  1. Wow, I totally neglected this progress report. Damn. ~~~ July 5th (Day 17) ~~~ Yeah, I've been really neglecting forcing for a while. It's taken it's toll on Zoey, too. She's been a bit more irritable, and a teeny bit violent. For instance, I was imagining myself with the new laptop I'm supposed to get, wrecking shop on League of Legends. I was just picturing the game screen, when she shut the imaginary laptop, and threw it into our river. Yeah, i was not expecting that. I've been making it up to her, though! She's happier now, and she just built a nice bridge over the river, and a wharf with a diving board. It's really nice out there. I'll have to take advantage of it and go swimming with her sometime.
  2. Nope. No idea what that is. The next person has swallowed a marble, or other such object before.
  3. Well, this progress report is a LOT less strange than I thought it would be. ~~~ June 30th (Day 12) ~~~ So, yeah. Not much else has really been going on. Zoey's still being supportive, and I love her for that, but today she did something that also startled me. I'm not going into details, as it's pretty personal, and the internet is no place for that, but I'm really glad I decided, after five months of questioning it over, to actually sit down and start her. She's been amazing.
  4. June 28th (Day Ten) ~~~ So, again, not much more to report progress wise, but, something amazing happened today. I was taking a shower, working over the plot to a story I've been meaning to write for a long time in my head, when out of nowhere, Zoey starts talking to me. She's never done that before. She told me my idea was awesome, and was praising me on it, when she turned serious. See, I've been struggling with depression, and self-esteem issues for years, ever since I was a little kid. She turned her praise into "Look at what you can make, it's amazing! YOU are amazing! Now stop being so hard on yourself!" I nearly cried in the shower. Just her support with this meant the world to me.
  5. June 26th (Day Eight) ~~~ So, today went a lot better than yesterday. She was a lot less depressed, and we spent sometime adventuring in my wonderland. I made sure to narrate to her as much as possible, but unfortunately, some stuff was going down about a party this night, and I became pretty distracted. June 27th (Day Nine) ~~~ There really is not much progress anymore because I haven't had the time to force for any long period of time. Last night when all my friends fell asleep at the party, me and my insomniac butt spent the night adventuring with Zoey, and talking. She seems a lot more "stable" in a way. Her depression has passed, and it's becoming harder for me to become distracted by little things when forcing.
  6. June 25th (Day seven) ~~~ So, nothing really exceptional happened today. I didn't really force, either, as I became distracted from having to watch my younger brother all day. I'll have to make it up to Zoey, as me not paying attention to her is making her a bit sad and depressed. I do hope she feels better tomorrow!
  7. June 23rd (Day Five) ~~~ So, yesterday was pretty normal. I worked a bit more on visualization, and narrated to her quite a bit. She was pretty interested when I was chatting to my friend over Facebook, though. So I'm assuming she likes interaction, and meeting new people. Other than that, I didn't do much. Oh well, we'll do more awesome stuff later. FINALLY! I'm all caught up on this! No more backlogs! ~~~ June 24th (Day Six) ~~~ Today was a really nice day. I had the house all to myself, and spent it watching Soul Eater, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, and Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple with Zoey! She loved MLP: FiM, enjoyed Soul Eater, and didn't mind Kenichi. As I thought yesterday, she LOVES interaction, and meeting new people. My good friend, who is making his own tulpa now because I introduced him to the community, is her favorite out of all my friends. I proxyed (did I spell that right?) for her so that she could talk to him, and it looks like I'm going to have to again in the future, as she really enjoyed talking to someone other than me. We also watched the new "Equestria Girls" movie today, I really enjoyed it. Zoey didn't mind it, but said "There wasn't much violence, or explosions and stuff." I wonder what we'll do tomorrow.
  8. Well, so far,when I was felling kinda depressed, out of NOWHERE, Zoey ranted on about her views on life. It was along the lines of "Stop being so sad and mopey. If you want a better life, go out and work for it you lazy butt! If what you told me about your past is true, you worked to get where you are now, so pick yourself up, and work, damnit!"
  9. Thanks! I'll try that, and, might I say, you sound like you're having an awesome time with your tulpa! xD This'll be the last backlog day, after this, it's going to be (hopefully) updated daily! ~~~ June 22nd (Day four) ~~~ So, first day out of school for the summer! I woke up, got dressed and such, and started a little narration, and some visualization while catching up with my mountain of facebook notifications. After that, I was out for the whole day. I went to a customer appreciation day at the local corner store, it was pretty nice, and I got a free lunch. After that, we drove the hour-long trek to our cottage, and spent the day swimming with my cousin. I forgot to force though, and only really talked to Zoey While drying off afterwards. On the way home, I visualized her much more clearly than usual, I guess all the practice is making me better at it. We talked about our day, went on another adventure to another mountain Zoey had created, and had some supper. This is when the interesting part comes. I took her on another adventure, to a castle. I looked her right in the eyes, and told her that in the castle, in the dungeon, is a chest that contains the key to her voice. I also told her that, as soon as she opens it, she'll become completely vocal. We adventured through the castle, slaying guards an whatnot (looking back, it was pretty awesome!) At the end, in the treasure room was a dragon. A huge dragon. It took a LONG time to finally beat him and get at the chest. She opened it, and as soon as she did, her voice became a BIT more clear than usual! She wasn't COMPLETELY vocal, but it helped! Maybe the reason it wasn't as powerful as I stated was because this theory that I could use something symbolic for strengthening her to make her much stronger was made up on the spot, and I had some reasonable doubts about it. But that's besides the point. I made her stronger, if only a little bit, just from going on a normal adventure, and attaching symbolism to it! Who knows, maybe this could lead on to have much stronger tulpae faster, by using stronger forms of symbolism? We need to do some research on this!
  10. I found it through CreepyPasta. After I finished reading "Tupla" I became interested in if they were real or not. I did some research, and I eventually stumbled upon this gem of a site! I only recently made an account, though.
  11. Well, you having ADHD will affect your progress. You need to be able to concentrate on your tulpa for long periods of time in order to get any real progress. If you take medication for your ADHD, I have no idea if that would help you make one, or if it will hinder you progress further. What I can say is, try some concentration exercises. You can find them all over the place, so just search it up. If they helped me, they should be able to help you.
  12. June 21st (Day Three) ~~~ So, this morning I woke up, said good morning to Zoey, and she promptly said good morning back. I was BEYOND ecstatic! This, of course, is when Zoey's trolling became apparent. She did some blatantly sexual things (I'm not going into details, here.), even though she knows I'm completely against doing anything like that with her. She told me she was just joking afterwards, but, it still was kinda off-putting. This exam was my Math exam, and my last one. It was a lot harder than the others, so I didn't get the time to force like with the others. When I got home, I sat down and forced a bit, but, then I became paranoid. I couldn't help but think I was parroting responses from her. I eventually was able to throw my doubt away and get to work again, but I'm still concerned that I might be parroting. Do any of you know a way I could make sure I'm not parroting? I've done the whole "ask your tulpa to surprise you" method, and when she does something random in my wonderland, it works, but when speaking vocally, I'm still not sure if I'm parroting or not. Any help would be appreciated!
  13. [align=left] So, here we are. Yet another progress report, I guess. I think it's going to be a strange one, though. Between my weirdness, and Zoey's apparent love of trolling me (Let's hope that love dissipates, for my sake), who knows. This will probably be entertaining at some points. So, if you didn't pick up on it, my Tulpa's name is Zoey. The best way to describe her is "a furry". She's an anthropomorphic wolf (Maybe a fox? I'm not quite sure myself). Her fur is a deep shade of violet,as are her eyes. She has long, straight, black hair, and always wears this hoodie. It started out black, but then she changed it to white, with small red triangles bordering it. the design reminds me of the White Mage Robe from Final Fantasy, but with much smaller red triangles. She'll probably become bored of that eventually, though, so I'll just edit this up whenever she decides to change it. _______________________________________________________________ Zoey: Sex: Female Form: Violet Anthropomorphic wolf/fox Born: June 19th, 2013 [/align] So, let's do this backlog of the days! June 19th (Day one) ~~~ So, it was the day of my science exam. I was holding back on making a tulpa for a LONG time. I didn't want to accidentally start her before my exams, and not have time to actually DO things with her! When it turned out my exam only took half an hour to complete (Why was it so easy?), I decided I didn't need to wait anymore, and started Zoey that night. I started out visualizing her. I've always been good at it (I'm a reader. I read a bit too much for my own good), so it wasn't too difficult. Next, I walked with her through my wonderland. When it started, it was just a plain, level, endless field of grass. Walked around, telling her about my life, and my interests, etc. All the while building up a nice little house. I then made a nice little river. By here, I started getting huge pressures behind my forehead, and a strange, burning feeling in my neck, I assumed it was her telling me she was there. I then thought about making a huge mountain, with a waterfall flowing down into the river, but I decided not to. I stopped for a while, and tried my best to narrate while playing Fallout, but that didn't go to well. That night, laying in bed, I started to talk to her again. I tried to get her to communicate through the burning-neck feeling, but it wasn't going to well. That's when my hand started going numb for no reason. I had assumed she found some other way then the burning-neck feeling to communicate to me with, so I didn't do anything. That's when my fingers started to move by themselves. She wasn't even vocal, but she knew POSSESSION? It kinda creeped me out for a bit, but, then I realized I could use this to my advantage. We spent the next hour laying in my bed playing "One tap means yes, two means no". I learned a lot about her. For one, she loves strawberries, and doesn't really like Fallout. June 20th (Day Two) ~~~ That morning, I was EXTREMELY excited. I had a tulpa. She couldn't talk yet, BUT I HAD ONE! That was good enough for me! I spent the entire morning talking to her, and visualizing her that I almost missed my bus. I walked into my exam, very happy, and sat down to write it. It was, again, a very easy exam, so, I spent the rest of the time forcing. I walked into my wonderland, and, realized the mountain I thought about putting in was there. I asked Zoey if she put it there, and she nodded yes. I decided that I wanted to explore the mountain, so we trekked up it. At the top of the mountain, was a cave lit by torches. We walked into it to explore. There wasn't much there, but at the end we found a chest with two swords in it. I was confused until I turned around to face a horde of Ogres. Then it clicked. Zoey, apparently, LOVES adventures, and wanted to slay a pack of Ogres with me. So we did, and it was awesome. We then dove into the waterfall and swam for a bit before I had to go review my exam and make sure nothing was wrong. When I got home, I played some more Fallout while narrating to her, and I didn't lose focus that time! I was getting better at it! That night was the most special to me, though. Before I fell asleep, I told Zoey good night, and a single thought rang out my mind afterwards "You have a good night too." It was so strange, because it wasn't mine! Needless to say, I spent the next hour trying to get her to talk again instead of falling asleep. She wasn't VERY vocal, but she talked a bit, and it was good enough for me!