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    I came from the site, Dreamviews which pertains to lucid dreaming.

    Before I found tulpa.info, I've wondered if it was possible to have a dream guide outside of the dream. I found that the tulpa phenomenon pretty much answered my question. That's how the concept of tulpas peaked my interest. Avalanche posted the link to this site, so kudos to him.

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  1. The game Finding Paradise, the sequel to To the Moon, is one such case. I really don't want to spoil anything for this, because it's quite an experience, especially if you loved the first game. So stop reading and check it out! So this is one of the big plot twists (so stop reading if you haven't played it!!), but one of the characters in the game is undoubtedly a tulpa. They don't use the word tulpa, but it fits the bill quite nicely. I'm still not sure what the developer of the game is trying to tell us with the departure of her character in the patient's life, but her character isn't portrayed as a negative thing for him, so there's that. I have to say though, their last conversation with each other did make me tear up. Not saying any names, but it will be pretty easy to tell once you play it.
  2. Introvert here with ten tulpas. Most of them weren't planned however, and I didn't have the heart to ignore them either. For the last year, I've only been talking to Reah (my first) on a regular basis, but I still visit the others every week or so to catch up and hang out.
  3. A lot of my tulpas have a certain fondness towards me that I can't necessarily make sense of, but I accept it, within reason. Out of the ten I have, all of them love me. That said, not all romantically. I'd say about maybe seven of them would though, so 70%? Personally, at least.
  4. This reminds me of the monster girl quest encyclopedia. I assume it will be similar to this?
  5. I'd read it, sounds like I'd get a kick out of it, haha. also because it sounds rather erotic...
  6. This theory reminds me of the open worm project. It's an open source project dedicated to simulating a microscopic roundworm. They're going to replicate every function of each cell of the worm in a computer model and the reason they're doing this organism (Caenorhabditis elegans (C. elegans)) is because it's biology has been well-studied in the scientific community. A roommate told me about the project, but here's a link. If they actually succeed in doing this, then the simulated universe theory is going to have a lot more credibility.
  7. Reah: I'd be fine with having a physical body, but only under the condition that I can switch back to my mental body. So kind of like a spirit that can manifest a physical form, in a way. Interacting with other people would be really fun, I think, but I prefer my tulpa form over it.
  8. based on what Lucilyn said, . For me, the most surprising thing I found out about my tulpas is the amount of love they gave me unconditionally when I hated myself at the time. During that period of my life, I felt insignificant and unimportant, and how my peers acted toward me only enforced that feeling. They weren't bad or spiteful by any means, I was simply a boring person who rarely ever spoke his mind or had anything interesting to say, so I was left alone often. My family was extremely busy and the few friends I had usually had something else to do. Having that feeling of being loved was such a foreign feeling to me. It's one of the most incredible things I've ever felt, honestly. I refused my tulpas' feelings at first, but they taught me that my perspective was all wrong. I thought their love was irrational, but I was being way more irrational in my thinking. Eventually, they taught me how important I was as a person and taught me to love myself. Not sure what I was expecting when I began tulpamancy, but these turn of events was not expected. However, I'm happy it turned out this way.
  9. Little did you know, I'm open to both genres of games. Who's the gamer now? Probably played hundreds of hours in games like Dark Souls. Haven't played Fallout, but I have played Skyrim, which is from the same company. Honestly though, I spend more time modding it than actually playing it.
  10. Speaking of games, I just became champion of 3 arcade games in one day. Git gud, skrubs.
  11. It's alright to take breaks. People do that with each other all the time. A host/tulpa is no exception. Just be sure to tell your tulpa before hand, so you don't leave it hanging.
  12. By the sounds of it, you don't sound like your that far into the development process if your still not sure if what she says is really her or not. Keep developing her sentience, by narration and/or active forcing, until you can be sure that it's her speaking to you. I could see why your infatuated with your tulpa. To you, she is the ideal woman. Not to mention all of the fantasies associated with her. That said, she being different from most women is not a good reason to be in love. Your supposed to be loving her, not the idea of her. The connections between the both of you is what's important, so spending time with each other is on the right track. Get to know each other as individuals, don't spend your time lusting all over each other. You don't need a real girlfriend, I've never had one. You just need to acknowledge that she's a person as well. Let her grow as an individual before trying to go into a relationship. Otherwise, she doesn't have much of a choice in the matter. There's other ways to show affection than romance, you know.
  13. Seriously, why? I know you keep saying you love her a lot, but I can tell that initially, you were more obsessed with her form than the tulpa herself. Otherwise, you would wait at least until she can make her own decisions. It's the past though, so I won't say anymore about it. Please don't confuse sexual desire with love. I'm not sure if LSD can cause schizophrenia. It might be a trigger, but I'm not certain. It's good that you stopped though. Oh wait, you didn't stop? Never mind then. No more drugs please, I think that may be the cause of some of these things. So, she keeps waking you up because she appears as a demon in your sleep? Have you ever talked about this with her and confirmed this? I feel a lot of problems can be fixed if hosts were able to communicate with their tulpa. Also, what doubts do you have about her? You need to specify on that. Eternity is a long time, you know. If you really love her, don't do it for the reason that it's unique. Do it because you love her. Just because the circumstance of your relationship is unique, doesn't make it a viable reason to continue a relationship. That's going into a metaphysical here. Going from the psychological viewpoint, it's all in your head, literally. That includes you too, of course. I'd say it's selfish, but now that you made her, you might as well take responsibility for your actions. Just like any other person, she being your girlfriend "forever" is up to you and her. People change, and just like people, a tulpa can change as well. Honestly, this is going on to the point of obsession. For tips, I agree with the other responses, definitely stop the drugs. Take a critical look at yourself and see if your doing this for the right reasons. And learn to communicate with your tulpa about your problems and try to make a solution together. You should go check with a doctor and see if you're diagnosed with schizophrenia. It's not something that you should brush off, if it's true. Metaphysical again, but in my opinion, a tulpa is tied to your own soul, because she came from you. This is implying souls exist, however. Just my viewpoint. Like I said, don't do it because it's unique, that's a dumb idea. Nothing wrong with having ideals, but don't impose them on your tulpa. If you want her to be her own individual, let her think for herself. Like I said, physical action does not equate to love. Kissing for hours, orgasms, and ecstasy are all akin to sexual desire again. It probably does have to do with the fact that you made her your sex slave. I'd say it has a big impact. Sexual desire from your own thoughts, I think, can influence the mindset of your tulpa. I take this from my own experiences as well. What confuses me though, is what exactly happens when you have these schizophrenia moments? I understand what your saying; correct me if I'm wrong on anything.
  14. My tulpas occasionally change the landscape every so often, but for the most part, it's usually "static". I think the most drastic change was the time when Reah cut the humongous cliffside near our wonderland house, reducing it's size immensely. It was certainly a sight to see... The cliff side was originally aboutone mile high, but it's about 1/4th of that size now.
  15. I agree with Vosaiu, this ones great. The values on Sylia are done very well and I like the sketchiness of the drawing too. The hand is a bit big, but it's easily overshadowed by the rest of the drawing.