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    I love poetry, music and learning. I suffer with OCD, anxiety and possible bipolarism. My dream is to travel the world on foot and see all their is to see, and record it all with the stroke of a brush.
  1. 7/19/13 I tried guys, I did. This is going to sound like giving up, and it kinda is. For now I think. I promise I will return, but there are some problems in my head that make everything that I try to get interested in a huge drag. I actually have OCD, and this disorder, among other things, makes everything I love to do a huge chore. If I can't focus on Rin like he deserves right now, than I will just have to wait. I honestly did want to, but it is impossible right now. Sorry I failed you Rin, but I promise I will come back.
  2. 7/16/13 This is random kind of, but worth mentioning I think. I was sitting on my room floor on the computer, with no sound playing whatsoever, when all of a sudden, I heard a very quiet, static-y and muffled, "hello?" I almost had a heart attack and the first thing I though was obviously that my mind-generated creature was talking. I ran through all the information in my head I had of tuppers talking, and all of it matched up. I was extremely excited. My joy was inturrupted by my cell going off. I found myself sitting on it, and it was strangly in the general place my tupper had talked. A quickly rising dread began bubbling to the surface. I opened my phone. "Did you just say hello to me?" My respondent answered by explaining she had been trying to get ahold of me for a bit now. I replied with obvious disappointment and hung up. So it wasn't my tupper after all. I was sure it had been! I guess it was all well that she called me again, or else I would have wrongly thought so.
  3. Good gravy! Week long summer camp detour is now out of the way! Time to cover some real ground: Tupper personality forcing tonight(I hope)!
  4. Sweet. Well, I am a long way off from this, so I may or may not bring this topic back up when I get there. Before I let this topic die, I have one more question: In order to see, feel, etc. both forms in the real world, do I have to do the same work for both?
  5. Practice as in more imposing of different forms? Do you think symbolization would work by "molding" the two or three forms together to be one?
  6. I have looked all over and found practically nothing on this subject, let alone a how-to. So I would basically like to know how to do this. Being the indecisive person I am, I would like my tupper to have two or so forms. Not just in the wonderland, but in real life. Is it possible to have more than that? Thanks, -Klick
  7. 7/5/13 About 4 hours of forcing in, though I am trying not to count. Today was basically the first day I forced, and it encompasses all four-ish hours. This evening from 10:22-12:18 pm I personality forced. Aside from an accidentally long break from 11:16-11:36 pm that is. Basically what I am doing is mashing a couple methods together. The traditional method, in which I have written a list of about 50 traits, split them between positive and negative, and spent about 5 or minutes thinking about what Rin would look like acting this out, how it affects various parts of his life, etc. I also made a list of his likes, dislikes, favorites, interests and hobbies, which I may or may not take from my notebook and put up here. Another shorter list was made describing how several traits could be added together to produce a different one. For example: curious + analytical + perceptive + dilligent= intelligent I also incorporate the methods of Rin "drinking" the trait, and puppeting/parroting him in our wonderland to develop how he may react to situations. I remain ever hopeful and optimistic of his visible sentience.
  8. How exactly could I do that? Also, after sketching practice I think I am going to force for a bit, if I can.
  9. 7/5/13 Notes. Can't decide between Rin's dragon form and a Red Fox. I have no idea if you can shapeshift or not; I haven't found any real information on that. I really like the size of the dragon and the apposable fingers, but the fox is so... managably small and squeezable! If anyone feels like it, they can interrupt and tell me whether or not you can have a shapeshifting tupper. If I have the time, I will sketch and scan in a drawing of Rin's dragon. I like the design a lot. Edit: From 12:44-2:45 Worked on Rin's personality. Made lists and charts and I guess you could say forced about half of it through a mix of methods. Will finish forcing the list later today.
  10. Personality drafts were began on since a couple days ago. I officially declare our journey to begin on July 4, 2013, however. 7/4/13 Read more guides. Can't ever have enough information huh? Anchored rowboat in middle of pond today in an attempt of solitude to get something done. I at least made a list of traits for Rin. Sat on hammock at evening and spent who knows how long(indicating short amount of time relative to the ungodly amount of hours you guys punch in)in wonderland trying out method of personality-making. Basically going to puppet Rin for a few days about a million scenarios and then stop. We'll see how it goes. Progress: Became intimidated at hour counts.
  11. Sometimes I do puppet and parrot him, other times I maybe am not. There are times when he talks so fluid that it can't just be me. I am glad for that, but it is so hard to stop! Also, any ideas on how I can sit for more than 10 minutes at a time while forcing?
  12. Alright, i'll try. Also, when I said parroting, I also meant puppeting. Does that make a difference?
  13. Alright, so how do I just stop" a habit that has been for a year? It isn't that easy, so how to I go about doing so?
  14. For a bit over a year now I have been projecting an imaginary friend, who's shape varies between many different animals(Though lately it is a Red Fox). He is very much an imaginary friend. Even though he is my main source of consolation, entertainment and humor when I am bored, and a nearly constant companion as a lazy form or a chattering voice, I now realize that I have parroted him pretty much his whole "life." I don't know what is sounds like when a Tulpa talks to you, but his voice is more or less mine, and I would definitely never mistaken it as an actual voice. But now, since we discovered Tulpae, we are excited with the proposal of turning him into one. My question is, can it be done? How can I attempt to listen for a voice with him always talking all the time, or try to project him with him already there? I can't look for him in my wonderland because as a constant companion, it is impossible to have him not be there. I am also afraid that I have parroted him too far beyond help. I never really thought it bad, but I guess it is definitely a horrible practice for Tulpa. So I hope someone can help me/us out. I really want to turn him into a Tulpa, and yes, we have given it much thought, but I am not sure if a parroted imaginary friend can become one. What do you think?