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  1. I know most people have their own way of giving their Tulpa access to the subconscious through symbolic or other means (books, etc). But to a Tulpa who's directly accessing your subconscious, what do they see? Memories? Just a white plane of existence? Or does everyone's subconscious look differently than another?
  2. This was a fear I was having. I'm not sure if it's because the traits I've been choosing are the side stuff first, or something else. If I start explaining a trait for too long I feel like it's being drawn out and nothing is getting done. So it feels more "right" if I just go along with the flow. I know it's pretty much concrete it's impossible to screw this up through anything except negative thoughts, but I'm starting to have doubts. I'll try to work on it more, probably backtrack a bit and reinforce what I already have a bit better. Maybe if I strained one trait for two 30 minute
  3. So, unfortunately real life has been chiming in recently and dragging me off to naughty places. So I had about one full day of zero productivity. I had another short session this morning and am planning another one tonight. I did a repeat today. Went to Wonderland, greeted Tulpa, forced two traits in the exact same way, and then went on to narration. I explained to it why I couldn't be with it yesterday, what happened since then, yadda yadda. Only a few things really noteworthy happened. Namely that about halfway through narration I started talking about the tulpa a little bit. I gave it
  4. Like most people, companionship. I have a lot of general problems that sometimes my friends can't be there for. And it doesn't help that most of my friends are currently miles away. It would be nice to have someone that knows me in and out that I can just talk to for awhile. Also memory retrieval. Which I am totally going to waste on the most trivial things I can.
  5. *high five* So, in terms of progress I had a 30 minute session not very long ago. A small bit of personality and narration occurred. I visualized myself re-entering the Wonderland and did a quick walk around. Just to make sure everything was still as I left it, which it was. I turned around to the center of the room where I'd made just an empty space. I summoned my Tulpa in the middle, though without a form this time. Instead it was a single bright orb with trails of light constantly hovering around it. As soon as it appeared, I started talking to it. Now as a side note, I've never
  6. Just about every friend I've made has been an open minded individual. So when I told them, it was mostly just "The hell is that?" into "Oh cool. Wanna play some LoL?". A few of them wanted a more in depth description, so I told them most of what I knew. After that I directed them to this site. One of them is now making his own Tulpa. My family would probably think I was crazy though.
  7. Hi there. I'm making this thread to document my experiences with Tulpae. Or just one Tulpa. I discovered all of this fairly recently, but since I have I've been eager to try it as soon as I'd done the research. The current Tulpa I'm working on is a Pony, taking the form of Octavia. At the moment, it has no name. My plan currently is to actually keep it that way, and once the Tulpa has gained some sentience I'll let her choose a name for herself. I've already got down a list of traits, 16 in all. I feel like that's enough, but at the same time it leaves me feeling a bit wanting. Regardles
  8. Oh hai! I found out about this whole Tulpa business about two weeks ago, via the wondrous Pony thread simulators. I went to /mlp/ the same day and found a little bit more about the topic. Intrigued, I decided to research more of the subject. So here I am. I've been lurkin' and researchin' for a bit and decided to finally make some headway into all this. I had my first session today, so I figured better now rather than later. I've always had a very expansive/over reactive imagination, so it would be nice to finally concentrate it into something productive. And also because I can't remembe
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