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  1. "No idea." "But you're wearing a watch." "Battery died. I wear it by habit."
  2. One thing I noticed was Memphis tends to recede and become inactive when I'm out and about during the day. That's a lot of time I can be narrating and we can be spending together. A friend mentioned he put a picture of his tulpa as his background on his phone so whenever he checked the time he would think about his tulpa and it would float to the top of his mind. I don't really carry my phone with me, so I came up with an alternative, indiscreet solution: Tulpabracelets. The construction is simple: 1. Find/buy an old watch, which suits your taste. 2. Draw some symbol to represent your tulpa. 3. Cut out and laminate the symbol so it will be preserved. 4. Glue the laminated symbol to the watch. This is the one I made: http://i.imgur.com/BdKjIRj.jpg[/img] [That image was pretty big. Size reduced, click for full size -Mod] It works really well. Memphis stays awake throughout the day when I wear it and we've been able to spend a lot more time together. No one asks about it and it's comfortable. The only downside is, at least for me, having Memphis active all the time can be exhausting. Personally I think I'd do better with the phone method because it wouldn't be so tiring because it wouldn't be in my face all the time, but the tulpabracelet method is nice, too.