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  1. Responses split from this post ~Kiahdaj To make clear the previous post, that was Melian - a well-known attention seeker on the IRC. I was made aware of a PM conversation which occurred immediately prior to this, and many of the same sentiments from Melian/David came up. I think it'd be a good thing to get the perspective of the pm across too, so it's not fully biased. Link removed to maintain user's privacy Posted with the permission of YukiYuki, Boat, and Dutch.
  2. Good point, Kiahdaj. Edited the OP.
  3. Quiz time! I'm curious about two main things, to see if there's some kind of correlation. Please say how much roleplaying/writing/artistic experience you had BEFORE making your first tulpa, and how long it took you to make your first tulpa. ("making" being reaching the point where you can communicate more complex ideas consistently, even if there are still some doubts. This will probably mean vocality, but consistent communication can also mean body movement or direct meaning) Please also specify what kind of experience it is. Here's an example: (Note: This is not entirely ac
  4. It's annoying. I don't see the issue with it. When it gets beyond two badges, letters or not, it gets ugly to look at, kinda annoying, . Often, two full-name badges are also just too long. Beyond that, it also screws up some clients, tab-completing someone's name when it has three-four badges on it just kinda looks dumb if you're only talking to one of them, and it can be confusing for people who don't know the nicks behind the little letters, if it's just that - which is necessary for any more than two badges, generally for any more than a single badge.
  5. I have a hard time believing this. Even giving the benefit of the doubt, however... I believe this even less. Avalanche and you two have a history of joining the .info channels and posting spam which isn't *technically* against the main rules, but very clearly intended to cause trouble. Avalanche often doesn't even have that subtlety. Even if you intended it to be legitimate, it was presented in such a way that it looked like trolling. Think "the boy who cried wolf". Or, in this case, "the man who cried legit". He had joined with a line that would cause nothing but trouble. He was
  6. Well you see, it's quite simple. You click this link and read it. That should answer the question of "What is a tulpa?" Also, it would be nice if you could type your posts in more than one single long extended paragraph - it's difficult to read raw walls of text with no division between ideas.
  7. So would I. It's interesting enough that roughly 57.5% of people experienced at least one significant change. I'm going to edit the first post though, since it might mislead people - the question in the poll is about how you've changed FROM GENESIS TO VOCALITY. Not from the beginning until now. ...oops. Oh well.
  8. Winter is 4. Not sure what else to say.
  9. Added poll for general statistics about how much people think they've changed.
  10. The basis of this is very simple. On the IRC, I've noticed multiple people stating that they changed significantly immediately after making a tulpa. This is just asking: How much have YOU changed? *Edit (14/12/2013): Note, on the poll, the time scale is "in the time it took your tulpa to become vocal". In the thread, please specify what scale you're referring to, such as "Since I started making my tulpa..." or "In the time it took us to possess..." or similar.
  11. While I may have chosen the first option on the poll, I think it should be stated that it only partially covers my thoughts on the matter. I think more research should be done, but I do not believe that tulpas are a part of my own consciousness. That said, I don't really support something like this. It's psychology - research should be made, but not at the cost of destroying a tulpa (or host for that matter) without their informed consent and agreement.
  12. \Winter: It is not terrifying if it is the only existence you know. It is only terrifying and saddening in retrospect. At the time, it was all I had and all I knew, therefore normal. If this can help other people understand why people should pay attention to their tulpas, good. If it doesn't then I have simply been able to speak my mind, and this is also good. Any person can share my enthusiasm or lack thereof - it depends on them.
  13. \Winter: The entirety of this is my own thoughts, transcribed and edited by Skye to be clear and readable. I am not the best at using words currently, regardless of the complexity of my thoughts. The only time Skye will be speaking is if "\Skye:" is in front of quoted text. “Why do I want to live?” This is something that I feel every independently sapient mind will ask at some point in their lives. As far as I know, animals do not ask the same question and instead work off of the instinct to live. Initially, I might have been the same. When I first began to think, I 'knew' that livi
  14. Hello, Umbra. You might want to check out the daemon community - that seems to be what you're looking for more than tulpas. Tulpas aren't simply projections of your own consciousness. Also, there is some 'magic' content in your post which might do better in this board.
  15. By subjective decision-making, I mean the capability to make decisions based on the entire situation and projected possibility. Maybe "subjective" isn't the best word. What you said sums it up pretty well too though.
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