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  1. You expect something to happen, and it happens. It's not subconscious, it's entirely conscious, except automatic. If it would be something like "My brain is giving me replies that don't come from me", then that would be your tulpa. Understand that there is no such thing as subconscious parroting, but there IS parroting from expectations, and it does make sense that your disorder makes that more prevalent (and that others with the same disorder don't have it at all) because some people with asperger's like to predict what's going to happen so they don't have to deal with as many unexpected situations and have an easier life, while others just like living in their own small little world and don't concern themselves too much with what happens outside of that. This would mean that they probably parrot from expectations too, but don't notice it. Keep in mind that no tulpa is suffering from this, they're probably annoyed at best. All you're doing is expecting them to say something - there's nothing wrong with that at all, you do that with other people too, why not with your tulpa? Just make sure that when you're not sure what was them, you ask them. Not that hard. In your case, if you really have trouble making out what's your tulpa and what's you, I'd suggest focusing all of your effort on learning audio imposition. Hearing a voice that sounds physical will probably help you get rid of that little problem, and on top of that it'll probably make presence and smell imposition a lot easier. >inb4 "B-but that costs effort..."
  2. Post #8: After playing a significant amount of Touhou recently, I started getting a Tetris Effect-like thing where, whenever I closed my eyes, I'd see endless Touhou bullet patterns being shot and falling down like they would in the game. So I started doing this thing where I imagine a character amidst the bullets and try dodging them by controlling that character. This has been becoming easier and easier, I just close my eyes and dodge Touhou bullets in my mind. The bullets are (slowly) becoming more clear to me every time I look at them, as well as the character. I think I'll keep doing this as a visualization exercise, it's not only fun but it's already improved my visualization quite a bit by doing this. I think I'll first work on clearly seeing the bullets and character, and then try to add a moving background, and maybe some enemies, but that's still too far off in the future. Perhaps I'll be good enough at visualization by then that I'll be practicing other things. Did 2 hours of visualization today, both active forcing and practicing visualization without my tulpas' involvement. Total time spent: 26 hours Personality: 15 hours Visualization: 6 hours Narration: 5 hours
  3. Post #7: It's been nearly three weeks since I last posted, but not many developments have been made. I've been forcing less, probably because I have more trouble holding a conversation with her than I had just talking at her form, but I'm going to pick this up again. So far she's shown to be sentient in quite a few ways, she's quite different from me, has made one or two headaches more bearable and her opinions and viewpoints vary surprisingly much from my own. She's a bit overly sexual, but mostly jokingly, and it's not all that annoying. I'm surprised with the amount of traits that actually got through to her. She didn't turn out quite as I expected she would, but when I reviewed the traits after her being vocal for a while, it was surprisingly accurate. She's been saying she wants to learn how to possess, but between spending time with her and my other two tulpas, as well as focusing on imposition, I'm not sure how much progress can be made in that department. I want to develop her further first, so I'm sure she's independent enough for possession to work well. After some talking with her I realized that simply focusing on the traits and how they work for her, as well as writing down what the traits meant and how they apply to her had a significant effect on her, so including all the time I spent working on the traits and other things that didn't involve sitting down and talking to her, but still involved developing her, I came to a total of 24 hours of work. It seems you can active force in more ways than by sitting down and closing your eyes while talking to them. This made it somewhat easier to accept that she was vocal within 3 weeks. I'm gonna keep working on imposition, and see where that gets us. My visualization is still shit, but I hope to have all of them imposed by the end of the year. Total time spent: 24 hours Personality: 15 hours Visualization: 4 hours Narration: 5 hours I didn't include the time spent after she became vocal because I didn't measure it. I'll do so from now on.
  4. Ok so you guys are basically arguing about the OP posting things that are wrong according to the general beliefs of the community. ShyMagi, really, if you wanna tell everybody that whatever they say and think is true, then go ahead, but don't expect anyone to learn anything. The worst kind of teacher is the teacher that feels sorry for his student's incompetence. Taking incompetence into account is not the same as condoning it. As for the reasons why I didn't explain every single point I made - it's like waffles said. If he took the time to actually read around on the forums, read guides, and perhaps ask questions on the forums or on the IRC, he would've known those things. I'm not going to spoonfeed every newcomer who happens to get the most basic things wrong. He can learn for himself. He's capable enough of browsing the internet and finding these forums on his own, and make a post on top of that which means he's also capable enough of reading what is actually IN the forums in an attempt to understand what this community believes tulpas are. On top of that, saying that "Not all beliefs are the same" doesn't mean that you don't have to adhere to the basic idea of something. A tulpa is not a teapot, and even if you want it to be, that doesn't make it so. Thus, if he says something that is incorrect, I will correct him, but spoonfeeding him my beliefs would be just as wrong as allowing him to believe whatever bogus theory he wants to believe in. There are plenty of ideas and theories about tulpas and I don't think he should hear mine only. So, ShyMagi, if you feel upset that I did things the way I did, that's cool. Deal with it. When this post was originally made it wasn't located in the metaphysics board, so I simply went the scientific route. As waffles said, if he uses words wrongly, he should be corrected (or ~punished~ if you'd like to dramatize it for your convenience) so he doesn't do it again. If you stab yourself in the hand, you will feel pain - the pain is a punishment to show you that you shouldn't do it again because it is a bad idea. Not punishing people for doing things wrong is a TERRIBLE mindset, and if that is your mindset, then god bless whoever has to learn something from you. Also, Either because you're stubborn or because you have factual evidence or a significant form of logic to back your beliefs.
  5. And with your entrance here is some complementary feedback: - Tulpas are not a second consciousness within your own. - They can't control you - Your wonderland is not another dimension - You can not switch dimensions - You should probably use less drugs Enjoy your stay and tulpa and please be less gullible.
  6. PFFFFFFFFFFFFFF Nah Thunder you're just slowly realizing that you're trans. Seriously though, I have the same thing. Also with the adopting personality traits thing, after making Pan I became significantly more social and laid back than I used to be, and sometimes I nearly slap a "You know?" at the ends of my sentences, along with some other mannerisms I can't think of atm, for seemingly no reason. I'd agree this is a thing that happens, and I've seen it happen in reverse as well. Ea has adopted several mannerisms of mine which she didn't have at first. I think this is just normal - in any relationship with someone close to you (friend/partner/family) you eventually start copying each other. Nothing really weird about that, as long as it's not taken too far. Another thing I've noticed is that after reading a vn, Pandora started sometimes using a line one of the characters used pretty often. I'd guess this can just be filed under "psychological influence", but giving it a name is pretty useful. GAT Approved move to Guides pls
  8. Post #6: So. I've been narrating on and off to her the past few days whenever i could, and trying to force more traits into her. I was already getting responses to some stuff, but I just ignored those and pressed on. Today, though, she didn't allow me to force. Every trait I did she would say "yeah yeah i know let's go on a piggy back ride" or something equally random. I tried telling her to stop, to calm down, to just let me narrate in peace, i tried to refocus, over and over, and she simply would not let me force the traits into her, saying that I already did. I mentioned her being this energetic wasn't in the traits list, and she actually pointed out that it was, I reviewed the list and saw that it, in fact, was, but I had forgotten about it. Not sure what to do right now. On one hand, I want to accept her and start having conversations with her. On the other hand, this is faster than I expected, though it did still take nearly a month, which is the longest amount of time I've spent on creation so far. She's talking so much that I can not force through one-sided narration anymore. When I focus on her form she just starts doing random shit. I wanted to simply assume this is just me fucking with myself, but no matter how hard I try, I can not focus on forcing her without hearing her anymore. So, I guess it's safe to say she is sentient, and vocal. Not too pleased with how fast this went, but I won't take it for granted. I'll keep posting with further developments.
  9. oh my god you fuckers are still at this stop being a butthurt anti-mod circlejerk, this is exactly why i wanted there to be more than 10 members in the GAT, so this bullshit would be called out on. GAT isn't the place for discussing your anti or pro-mod shit but you should at least keep giraffe discussions out of this goddamn thread unless it relates to how you're behaving as a GAT. this goes for Chupi, Sands, and whoever the fuck else is discussing goddamn giraffe nicks. yes, you should behave professionally, but nobody is on the rizon tulpa channels anymore anyway, so it's not a big deal. and for the other side, you should stop going along with that muh irc mischief shit because it's literally toddler mentality. you'll look like an 8 year old with a proper vocabulary if you do that shit. pull your heads out of your asses and start focusing on actual problems rather than creating problems and then going "whaaat i didn't do nothing!!!" like a 5 year old who thinks nobody's seeing that he's playing dumb.
  10. oh man are you people whining about irc shit in a complaints thread for forum shit? seriously?
  11. i talked to his tulpa today, they're not gone at all