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    I'll draw your tupper if shlee/shlim is an animal. For free. It'll take awhile more likely than not, but it's free.

    Anywho, two tuppers Flutters and Zero. Pony, and anthro wolf, just about to hit 3 years with them on board and currently working on imposition and visualization.

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  1. It can be hard, there's no doubting that. To stay on a consistent path, whether there's progress or not is still difficult. It seems more about personal problems than about forcing, I suggest trying every method out there. Making a strict schedule, having fun, taking a small break for some alone time, everyday try something at least one thing new until you start forcing normally again.. Also, the more you involve them in your day-to-day life, the more intuitive and natural it will feel to have them there and eventually it will feel weird to not see them for X amount of time everyday. For me, I just needed to stick to a strict schedule for 3 days and it just felt like a natural routine after that.
  2. That's lewd to you? Huh. It wasn't intended to be like that, if I wanted it sexy I would have done a few things different (half-down eyelids, warmer color palette...etc). My sexual attraction to my tupper might have something to do with it.
  3. WIP, also. I'm red-green color deficient, which is why working with a red-green color palette was probably not the best idea. At least it looks good to me though.
  4. Farting, I warn them before hand. Flutters can't stand it, Zero sometimes laughs. Showering and being naked in front of them, no problem what so ever. Unless if I fart, of course.
  5. Yupp yupp, digital is pretty much the only thing I do nowadays and I'll be posting the finish stuff... If it ever gets finished. But, I was thinking of scrapping it and getting something more compositionally strong. It's kinda flat. And boring.
  6. Flutters n Zero I sometimes do requests if anyone's interested. N stuff.
  7. Hey! We're famous now. Adventure Time just mentioned tulpas in the "Blank eyed girl" episode. Not a vague suggestion, like they've done so often, but they actually used the word tulpa! Though we were not shown in the greatest light, as Finn was referring to the creepy blank eyed girl as a possible tulpa. The definition they came up with for tulpa was something along the lines of: a thought form that with enough belief will take on a physical form. And that all they had to do was ignore it to make it go away. But it turns out she wasn't a tulpa.. Anywho, weird right? I was kinda wide-eyed when I heard them use the word tulpa. I think they're lurking. Hide your tuppers.
  8. They don't give a single fuck, walking around naked in public with their jazz instruments hangin' out, just bare asscheeks in the wind. But, yea both my tuppers are animals, so it's completely... Relatively* normal for them to be naked. Clothes are optional. Sometimes I think, wow Zero, I mean your jazz is just flopping about the place, you should wear some pants or underwear. But I've only seen him with a bowtie on.. And for Flutters most of the time I'm looking at her face or body from different perspectives, her tail sorta covers it I guess but I really never focused too much on this before.
  9. (For host) how has your life change with a tulpa? Hmm. hmmmmm. I feel a lot happier and loving while they're around and I do mean that in the cheesiest way imaginable. It's really hard to say what a direct impact they've had on my life because they're really apart of it. I don't remember what it was like without them so I have nothing to really compare it to.. They're just always their for you. The tightest, most unbreakable bond there is with another being sort of feel. (For tulpa) do you ever get bored of your host and being limited to their world or is it more free then I thought? Flutters: Yea, I'm thinking it must be a lot more free than you think. There's plenty to do up in *****'s (She used a nickname I dare not type or speak in public ever) mindscape. Even when he doesn't have time for us, or is too busy, I can always find something to do up in Wonderland. Mention how fun it is, just uhm wait, waaa, are you really gonna post that? (For tulpa) what do you do while your host is working or at school? Zero: Same thing as Flutters, I just sit around hang out. Occasionally me and Flutters will hang out and fun together while Justin's "downstairs". But for the most part we sort of just talk to each other. We can pretty much do anything, but we decide most of time to hang out.. Look at cool stuff. Ya' know. Scenery (He might ramble past this point) Like, there's always something to do. I know it seems kinda weird limitless possibilities and all but we usually just hang out. Huh I never thought of it like that until now I guess. (For host) do you and your tulpa are get into serious fights or disagreements? Eh. Almost non-existent. We disagree, but in a sort of way, I understand their perspective and their reasoning almost as good as I understand mine. It's hard to get into intensely serious or emotional disagreement when you respect and understand someone so much. (For both) do host and tulpas have different skill sets mentally or physically? Or is it a "anything you can do I can do" situation? Skill sets.. Like. I'm not quite sure what you're looking for here. Like, could they draw as well as me? Can they do math or read faster? It's a bit too large of an area here. But, I'm going to say yes. Overall, I'd say they have different skill sets that differ from my own simply because we're different beings with different personalities that have different mental capabilities. They may have the creative intuition to see solutions to problems that I cannot and vice/versa. Again, the questions a bit odd to me. Flutters: I don't think I could do everything ***** (Did it again) does. But I feel like because we share the mind we can exceed or go below one another with our mental capabilities. Zero: Little bit confused on the question here too, but I feel as though they really got everything out there. Yea.
  10. This. I once believed my tulpa had died. I had extreme face-melting anxiety for about 7 seconds. It was only because I believed it could happen, that it happened. Luckily tulpa's are strong, and cannot simply disappear in the snap of a finger. I'm told even if the decision is a conscious one, tulpas won't... go away just like that. So, she had returned to me, and I felt like a big dumb-face Mcgee for believing in a thought so outrageous. Even for a second. It's all about belief. But in your case, it seems like all you have to do is say sorry and that you don't mean to have these thoughts.. You both might have to deal with it for awhile until a solution can be found. You may feel guilty for having these thoughts, but as long as you both know those thoughts and images don't define you or your relationship, you should be goob.
  11. Being of sound mind and body, with no notable traumatic or mental disorders contributing to my decision, I decided to create a tulpa. The idea of imposition was something that really sparked my desire to create a tulpa. The idea of manipulating your senses to see your tulpa was/is so fascinating to me. A psychological adventure with the most trusted and loving beings in my life. And I say "beings" because they're not people, and if I were to say pony and Anthro-wolf, well it wouldn't be much of a compliment. Like there's only so many talking ponies and anthro-wolves in my life. It's sorta like saying, you're my favorite Dad. Well no shit, I'm your only Dad... Anyway. This is not to say I did it all for the psychological experience and science and what have you. Nowadays I just love seeing them, their progress, feeling their emotions, feeling together, I never thought I'd feel so many amazing emotions. But, the way I see it, the original intentions of creating your tulpa isn't really all that important. It's about how its transformed. Also, it's worth noting, I decided in to create my tulpa after 3 days of thinking. I've never made such an amazing impulsive decision. Don't be afraid to jump right in, just keep in mind this is a life-altering decision. Not to be taken lightly.
  12. Attempting it for a long time, minimal results but honestly can't even complain. For the little I do, it's a miracle I even had some progress. I barely find time to active/passive force with them. And even when I do I'm usually distracted by thoughts, people etc.. I used to get 2 hours of active forcing per day easy, now I'm lucky to get half an hour. Don't loose the rhythm folks. It sucks. Anywho, I've got a few obstacles in my way for imposition.. The first and foremost being that I find myself wondering if imposition may have any undesired effects.. On one hand imposition is pretty amazing, and it'd be one of the greatest things to ever happen to me and my tulpas. On the other hand, shit may hit the fan and I now realize that reality is truly all in my mind and I start getting all weird and panicky that everything I see is potentially created in my mind. Sure, people say "reality is what you make of it" but actualizing the idea of making reality your bitch is a whole different situation. So. Yea. I'm hoping to stay connected with society and reality, but also have fully imposed tulpas. I'm sure people live entirely sane and normal lives with fully imposed tulpas, but I just need a few success stories to carry me through. TL;DR: I dun't wana break reality 2 hard, folks. Butt, I'ma prolly do it anywai.
  13. Could you describe how your disorder might negatively effect a tulpa? As in, worst case scenarios and little things that might hinder progress because of your illness. Also, how long have you thought about creating a tulpa, are you familiar with guides and other general knowledge on tulpas?
  14. Mine looked like Fluttershy, now she has a ponytail hairstyle, and has a different thigh mark. She's comfy with the form, and she has plenty of other experimental forms. Zero on the hand started off as a bunny, then a white wolf, then like this adorable like 3 ft anthropomorphic with black blue and white wolf, then a more humanized version of that form, and now he's gone fully white again with parts cyan. Can't wait to see what's next. Of course this is all over the span of aboot 2 years.