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  1. Lmao you're very right, it's just always fun to have a pleasant argument sometimes.
  2. Honestly thought it was a reference from Power Rangers, but it looks fun!
  3. To be honest I gotta disagree with ya there, there have been times for me where my tulpas will intrude on my dreams and do as they please causing me to wake up. Although I will agree that I do believe that most dreams are random and pretty chaotic but even then the minor stuff included in dreams can mean something it's just a matter of you actually putting meaning to it in a sense. Kind of hard to put into words really.
  4. Seems interesting, It's possible it's a form of message from Ace to you just in a dream? I suggest just keeping it as it is, probably meant to be y'know? Keep her as the form she wants, let sleeping dogs lie and all that. Best of luck friend.
  5. Me: No more fapping, continue research on tulpas and the ideas in history behind the idea. Work hard to better myself in college when I finally leave the army. Get a nice apartment to live in when I get out. Lose like... 20lbs and get my hip rehabilitated. Alice: Work hard with Irish to better ourselves and to pick up a new hobby, needlework to be exact. Kat: Sleep more take a whole lot more naps, watch more tv shows, and be happy throughout the year. I also want a cat, hopefully a black cat with a long tail so that I can name it dusty.
  6. From what I remember of him he was a troll who'd basically smash all the threads way back when which then progressed into some state of degeneracy, pretty much a dick through and through tbh.
  7. Think of it as a save point, if you want to continue with the tulpa you started on then you just form the tulpa into your desired "form" but if you want to continue in a different direction with your tulpa then just go ahead and form the tulpa in that direction. Now it is possible that you'll experience a little different of a personality but I would recommend you go ahead with the tulpa you started at that time.
  8. Draw/Paint Build models Play D&D but base your character off your tulpa so you can imagine them in the DM's story and have them make the decisions of the party for you (personally a favorite) Play 20 questions I spy (this one gets stupid after a while) Read a book Write ideas for stories
  9. I personally believe that as time went by we just kind of drifted away from the forum, not really needing it as much anymore.
  10. I hope everythings going well on here, after so long of course. Welcome to all the new Tulpas. including the most recent I know of, Damian.