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  1. I was also wondering, what if i narrate to my tulpa in english? will the tulpa become english speaker and not understand my main language which is Portuguese?
  2. I find it hard to narrate to my tulpa as i run out of things to say, and the subjects i come up with always end up rather quickly so it's hard for me to narrate without any response to support what i'm saying :S Is there a way where i can get subjects to talk to my tulpa with questions i could answer or something? I feel like i'm talking to myself nonsense, even the most simple things and it makes it hard to progress. Maybe i'm not on the right state of mind when i start doing it. Any personal tips that i might try?
  3. ... from a straw hat full of ...
  4. For how much time should i breed(meditate) before i start to tulpaforce?
  5. I'm new to this website and to the knowledge of the Tulpa phenomenon. I've already read many guides and many "how to's" but i'm still confused on some points. I've already tried to force the tulpa in me to come to existence and this is what i do specificaly: I sit in my bed with crossed legs, i close my eyes and i start narrating in my head(as i've been told it's the best way to make your tulpa sentient, i want a first sentient response for a motivational boost), i start saying whatever comes to my mind, saying what i did today, what i'm going to do, what i'm doing, why am i doing it etc. The thing is that i think i'm talking to myself, do i need to visualize my tulpa while i talk in my head? Like multi-task that way? Or am i doing it right? About visualization, i have a very good idea of how my tulpa should look like and i can imagine bit by bit of how it looks like but i do it pretty fast, like i 3D it very fast and it's done, do i repeat the 3D visualization of my tulpa many times so that it sticks? Adding details at the same time? For now these are my questions, thank you.