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  1. So, I started my tulpa March 9th this year, and it stayed strong for a while, but then forcing slowly became scarce and it was more me just narrating. I had to stop because I was going through somethings that I didn't want to expose my tulpa to. I actually changed my views on things and have felt better than before. I want to start again, seeing as I feel that I am ready. Would I have to restart the process (i never got far enough for him to start speaking, and I just barely decided on a form), or sort of 'wake' him up? Also, would it be a bad decision to start two tulpas at once? I have two that i just can't decide on who to start first. I would force with them together, but when 'giving' them their personalities, I would speak directly to who ever the personality is designed for. I realize that this may take longer, but i'm willing to go the distance for even just them speaking to me. And lastly, lucid dreaming and tulpas, anyone have any experience with that?
  2. So, I kind of want to Narrate first and then when my Tupper is comfortable enough to talk to me, work on his body with him. Can i do that instead of Visualization and narrating at the same time?
  3. So, I started my tulpa March 9th this year, but due to events I had to stop forcing a week later, but narrated every now and then. So i decided to pick it up again. Is my tulpa still... there? Or do I have to start over. When I started to narrate and speak to him, I got a sort of, twisting or shifting feeling between my brows and my head hurt a bit. Could this mean that he's still there? [/font]