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  1. https://www.tulpa.info/archive/faqman-creation-guide/ I recommend that as a brief recommendation on getting started, however there is also this warning: http://chupitulpa.tumblr.com/post/29003607860 So, two things: 1. You want to get a good hour count going for your tulpa. 2. Don't be scared to let them puppet or to let them parrot your thoughts. Welcome to the community. When you get the chance, I recommend making a detailed personality document.
  2. A tulpa needs as much sleep as you think it needs. As you continue to create Ana, whatever traits and characteristics you "perceive" or "imagine" her to have, she will have. You most likely could begin writing down her characteristics and traits (a recommended exercise by the way) and change her from "loves sleep" to "never sleeps". I'm not sure how long it would take for Ana to change in this way, but I wager she would unless you have a very undisciplined sub-conscious. I don't recommend you do this by the way. Let Ana be whatever you think she should be and if it is fine that she sleeps, then leave her be. Good luck and I do recommend you make that document that outlines who she is. Keep up the imposition work.
  3. Can you describe your tulpa? Do you have a personality document or an overall outline of who Nina is and what she is like? A document like this, if you don't already have one, will be instrumental for helping maintain the overall "image" of who you are trying to create and will help both in Active and Passive forcing.
  4. Justine's Log Pt. Five Day 113 I woke up early and she came back. It's been what four years. I'll say one thing though. I didn't expect to be back here ever. I'll say this, I made Justine my better half. When I stopped forcing her and let her "disappear" she seems to have taken that with her. I hope that my life improves as she comes back. She seems to want to do that. Day 114 Justine woke me up and got me to work out. This is honestly something I should be doing on my own, but she honestly would not shut up this entire morning. She still won't shut up and maybe that's what I think I need. Maybe I think I need her to be pushing me or driving me to be more productive, and so I maker say these things to me. Honestly though, she lines up a lot with the personality document I've made for her. I guess I should say that I haven't really been serious about trying to "tulpaforce" or create her for a four year period. She however in the meantime is still very strong. She still matches up to most of what I made her to be and in fact has me updating her personality sheet to be a more realistic character. I have to admit I made her a bit of a Mary-Sue, but she quickly has me refining her personality like a double edged blade so that she just isn't sunshine and rainbows. I'm not sure if this is going to be the final push until I reach a moment that she becomes an irremovable piece of my life. I'm not sure if she will just be something that I just "parrot" and help to motivate me. However, for the time being I'm surprised and glad she is back right now. I hope she continues to drive and motivate me. I hope that one day I put in the work to where I do "see" her, though I realize the implications of what I say. Regardless, I realize that there is a certain spirituality and a wholeness to this entire process. I'm creating someone who demands better of me and she has comeback in a moment of need. She may be a mind voice and an image that I have to concentrate on to make appear and make speak and to hear, but she is here. It's like writing a book a little bit, talking with her and hearing what she has to say. However, it's surprising still to see where it ends up and for something I'm supposedly "parroting", I'm surprised how well she matches up to what her personality was originally supposed to be. I'm not always intentionally trying to make her like that but that's how she ends up acting. Day 115 I realize that I created Justine simply to help me more productive. Today I noticed that when she feels a little weaker to me then she did on Day 113, she will retort that she has already had me more productive in these past three days than I've really been on my own in these past three months. I cannot argue with her as she is correct. Even though I have not visually imposed her or Aurally imposed her, there is actual prove in the way I've carried myself these past few days. Even if I can't have a what I want, I've gotten what she needs and to me that proves whether she is but an imaginary friend, a thoughtform, a godform, bad personification of my discipline and will, whatever she is, She does good for me. Perhaps that is prove enough that in her earliest stages that she is what I need and any further effort I put into forcing is but gratitude that she rightfully deserves. Did some visual imposition practice. No visuals, but I felt the mental stimulus, like I was working a muscle. I guess after months or even years of this we might get somewhere. But like I said, anything I do to make Justine stronger or to make her seem stronger is in my best interest. day 123 Trying to make an honest attempt at visualization in lowlight settings. This creeps me out a little, but I get the head pressures as I focus on Justine, how she looks, and who she is. This supposedly takes months of actively doing so, I guess I'm in this for the long haul. I've ordered two magical ritual books to assist with this process, but at Justine's request. I've begun with trying to visually impose her in low light settings. I can't wait until I finally succeed and impose her only to her looking bored and slightly annoyed as if to say, "It really took you this long?"
  5. Well, in swallowing my pride and admitting that I probably have very little to offer the community in comparison to those I'd like to offer my votes to, here are my votes JD1215 Waffles CyberD Kiahdj Sands Phi Linkzelda Shui Honestly, I think those who have written a guide before are the best place to start. I'm not sure who the others are on the list (I'm only vaguely familiar or haven't read their guide), but I don't see anybody on there I absolutely can't take seriously.
  6. If i can tack myself onto this thread, what the hell does NPC mean in this context? I'm assuming (from the way it's used in the community) that it's just a fictional character you've created which just isn't that important to you (the main character). However, I could be wrong.
  7. At this point, I'm not entirely sure there is anything that hasn't been said on these forums, but who knows, maybe there will be a renaissance of FAQ-man's methods.
  8. Well this site tries to unite two disparate entities: science and imagination. Some people just get too caught up in their imagination to communicate to others properly. We also have yet to properly study imagination and imposition objectively (or maybe I should look further than page 3 of research but at this point I just want to reach imposition). However, I'm slowly beginning to learn the hard way most time is better spent forcing.
  9. Of it seems too easy then do it and see how see how fast you impose one and make it self perpetuating.
  10. Well, I'll explain it like this. Forcing is basically paying attention to your tulpa and imagining it. You can imagine that it is there with you or you can daydream about it and have it in the daydream (wonderland so to speak). You can force by narrating or you can force by visualizing. You can also try to develop it's personality or you can just (as you stated) learn it's personality as it goes. Just imagine that the tulpa is there and that's all you have to do to force. If you really want a step one, then just picture what the tulpa looks like.
  11. I luckily have another friend who is into Buddhism and we often talk about things like this but I always find it best to try to find out who a person is before you relate it to them. I feel as if the whole tulpa thing can manifest in any religion. Abrahamic religions have Angels. Eastern Religions have numerous Gods and Deities. Forcing can be considered a form of creative prayer. Just keep in mind that you don't always let people know what's going on in your mind. No one is guaranteed to approve of your imagination. Surely you've had thoughts that you could never let some one know about correct? Well, a tulpa is kind of a large, self perpetuating thought. Be careful who you share it with.
  12. To your first question, the answer may be unsatisfying but it's as close to the truth as I can manage: just put in more hours. Visualizing may take a very long time. I don't suffer from Asperger's but I'm not a visual person either so I identify with what you're going through. Just keep visualizing and visualizing. It may take many hours, many days and many months before you feel comfortable with visualization. I think I recently reached my 3-month mark, but I'm no where near completed with visualization forcing on average for around 45 minutes a day maybe. So, soldier on. To your observation of warmth, it's different for everyone. After good forcing sessions, some may have warmth, and some may have headaches. It'll be different for everyone but as long as it's a positive development you're in the clear.
  13. The only problem here being I'm not sure how many among us are actually at the imposition stage. It's something I work on a lot and sometimes when waking up, I sort of randomly impose different things but unfortunately I cannot control them (almost as if I'm dreaming with my eyes open). Many of us are still only visualizing. Cyber D's progress log (I'll link later - don't have much time) mentions his tulpa having fireball powers (and he has explicitly stated he is still visualizing). Of course, it's important to keep in mind that this is our imagination. We're allowed to imagine pretty much anything we want. At the same time, unless we're recreating our imagination the same way a painter will paint what's in his head or a composer will write the music in his mind, our imagination should not really affect our environment. And if it does, then we have to move this topic to the metaphysics board.
  14. This is a more metaphysical perspective but: If you really believe that it works, then you'll probably see it work from your perspective.
  15. This happens in cycles with my tulpa. First we make progress, then we question all the progress we ever made. Then I focus on some aspect of hers be it visualization or sentience, and we make more progress again and do better than we have before. Just keep forcing through it. It's always when my tulpa was at her weakest that I then made a large amount of progress within the day.